Interview: Bazil Donovan

December 1, 2018 thewire 0

(December 2018) The year was 1984 and Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor and Bob Wiseman decided to put together a band and call it Blue Rodeo. Joined by bassist Bazil Donovan and Cleave Anderson on the drums, they began gigging around Toronto. Both Wiseman and Anderson eventually left the band, but Bazil […]

Mb Speaks

Mb Speaks: July 2018

July 4, 2018 thewire 0

Hot enough for you? Hello July, here to remind us it’s not really the heat, but the humidity. Stifling, I’ve hear old people call it. So as people run from air conditioned cars to air conditioned offices to air conditioned houses, others aren’t so fortunate and take to hanging out […]

Mb Speaks

Mb Speaks: March 2018

March 2, 2018 thewire 0

Spring? Is that you? While putting this issue together I’m looking out the window to see shoots in the garden and buds on the branches. I have to admit, there’s something always inspiring when the winter weather turns to spring. But the end of February? That’s just not right. And […]

Pat Temple

Interview: Pat Temple

August 31, 2017 thewire 0

(September 2017) In 2015 Pat released, ‘Day For Day’ and carried on the swing tradition of his 90’s cult hits ‘Salamander Bones’ and ‘Playin’ Havoc With My Heart’. He describes his music as inspired by Western Swing, Jump Blues, Rockabilly and Roadhouse Soul and he has become a recognized commodity […]

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Mb Speaks: July 2017

July 11, 2017 thewire 0

Hello July! You’re off to a wet start but I welcome you. With July comes the beginning of festival season and with that comes the crazy debauchery that is festival fun. Over the years I’ve seen it all. From those who can’t stand up to those who won’t sit down, […]

tom cochrane

Interview: Tom Cochrane

July 1, 2017 thewire 0

(July 2017) There are just a handful of musicians that can be considered true Canadian rock icons, and Tom Cochrane is one of them. The son of a bush pilot from Manitoba, he’d go on to write more than his fair share of hit songs, including some the most listened to […]

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Mb Speaks: June 2017

June 5, 2017 thewire 0

Have you ever wondered what a dog is thinking? Don’t think for a moment they aren’t. I have a dog. His name is Sir Dudley McLovin. He’s a black haired Terrier Poodle mix. Like a teddy bear. When we got him as a pup, he came home and just laid […]

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May 4, 2017 thewire 0

Publisher & Editor Michael Bell Fashion Editor Ugyen Wangmo Online Manager Chris Thorne Distribution Local First Timeless Contributors Addison Wylie, Deb Draper, Cathy Rowland, Bianca Bell, Eric Kelso, Robert Blackman, Fred Irwin, D. Cameron, Randy Wright, Karl Lawson Photographers JC Smith, C. Robson, Michael Bell Bianca Bell, Chris Thorne, Deb […]

Mb Speaks: May 2017

May 4, 2017 thewire 0

Dear May, It’s good to see you. I’ve been nervous lately about Donald Trump thinking about attacking North Korea. May? I don’t think he gets it. It could have all started in April. Anyway, we made it. So how are you? I know, just getting started. April tricked me last […]

Interview: Royal Wood

February 4, 2017 thewire 0

Royal Wood is a Juno nominated singer songwriter, who calls Lakefield home. Though he doesn’t get home often, performing over 250 dates a year, Royal will make a pit-stop at Showplace on Valentines Day, when he’ll perform songs from his latest CD “Ghost Light.” Busy? You bet! Later this year […]

Kiefer Sutherland

Interview: Kiefer Sutherland

June 1, 2016 thewire 0

So, where do I start !? Kiefer Sutherland, the son of iconic Canadian actors Donald Sutherland and Shirley Douglas, grandson of Tommy Douglas, began acting early. By 18 he had landed his first leading film role in “The Bay Boy”, which earned him his first Genie nomination. A few years […]

Gord Bamford

Interview: Gord Bamford

May 4, 2016 thewire 0

Australian born and Alberta raised, Canadian country music sensation Gord Bamford will be in town this month to perform songs from his new CD “Tin Roof” and to share some of the classics that have driven his career into the global limelight. It was his mother, a singer in a […]