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HorrorScopes: May 2019

May 1, 2019 thewire 0

Aries: Your instincts guide you to the correct financial solution. You could be relieved that with a risk, all works out as you like. You get more prison time if you get caught with a weapon, so consider wearing a jacket with pockets and exercise your index finger for the […]


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Jean-Guy Bernard met STRUTT talent Jason Fournier last year and Jason told him about the Agency STRUTT Central. Right away Jean-Guy sent his resume and joined the STRUTT family and their roster. When Jean-Guy was living in France, he started his career as a Comedian and Dancer at the age […]

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the rivers risin

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willie who lives under the bridge is still worried he going to be swept away by the river and that was from last month. bob who used to sleep on the couch cause the river took it, says it’s the global warming. he says the government wants to flood out […]

Interview: Sharon and Bram

May 1, 2019 thewire 0

We can often over look the impact a children’s act has on the culture, but when you start to see the work influence generations… 1978, Sharon (Hampson), Lois (Lilienstein) and Bram (Morrison) released a children’s record, One Elephant, Deux Éléphants. It would launch a career that would make them a […]