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HorrorScopes: January 2019

January 4, 2019 thewire 0

Aries: This is a marvellous day to schmooze with friends, partners and members of the general public. Everyone has a strong sense of well-being and optimism today. Hang out with the Nihilist, once you’re tired of the geeks and do what you do best, nothing. Taurus: You can get a […]

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same as it ever was

January 4, 2019 thewire 0

I don’t know why people get so excited about the new year. mary who used to stand in front of the licker store til her boyfriend dave got a job says people like to get dressed up and then she showed us her red shoes. bob who sleeps on the […]

Mb Speaks

Mb Speaks: January 2019

January 4, 2019 thewire 0

Ok, month number one of the new year; 2019. What can we expect? Well on the world stage, more unrest in the Middle East, as Trump continues to say, out loud, whatever comes into his head. That will breed further insecurities on the market, and pension funds will lose money, […]

Interview: Paul Brandt

January 1, 2019 thewire 0

(Dec 2018) It’s every young musician’s dream. At the beginning of your career you get picked up by a lable in America and become an overnight success. The adult’s dream is to maintain that success throughout your life and do something worthy. Paul Brandt has done both. 13 CCMA nods, […]