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HorrorScopes: December 2018

December 2, 2018 thewire 0

Aries: Get things rolling Christmas Day. Your energy is just right for giving that gentle nudge that ensures events take place without your having to direct every little detail. It may get crazy. Consider arming yourself. There is no longer a gun registry so you can stockpile weapons until needed […]


December 2, 2018 thewire 0

(December 2018) My name is MARWA ABDELHALEEM and I’m a kindergarten teacher by day and a personal trainer by night. Outside of work, I’m a globetrotter with my 10 year old son, visiting over 36 countries. I’m also a children’s author and an international marathon runner. I’ve run competitively in […]

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many tidyings

December 2, 2018 thewire 0

so it got cold really fast. willie who lives under the bridge says thats climate change no matter what anybody says. mary who usually stands in front of the licker store says its to cold and anyways her new boyfriend dave who has a job says she don’t have to […]

Mb Speaks

Mb Speaks: December 2018

December 2, 2018 thewire 0

Question. Where did 2018 go? Is it just me or is time speeding up? Eternal question, I suppose. I remember when a day seemed to last forever, especially if you didn’t like what you were doing. Remember sitting in high-school staring at the clock, convinced it was going backwards? Now […]

Interview: Bazil Donovan

December 1, 2018 thewire 0

(December 2018) The year was 1984 and Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor and Bob Wiseman decided to put together a band and call it Blue Rodeo. Joined by bassist Bazil Donovan and Cleave Anderson on the drums, they began gigging around Toronto. Both Wiseman and Anderson eventually left the band, but Bazil […]