Against the Wind

CANADA’S MOST CELEBRATED BOB SEGER EXPERIENCE ~ Market Hall Performance Center was a perfect location to introduce Peterborough to ATW Against The Wind ~ Canada’s Most Celebrated Bob Seger Experience. The ATW fans simply enjoyed this 2 hour showcase, truly the real deal featuring the fantabulous 9 piece rock n roll ensemble. Legions of Bob Seger fans in the audience were just a rockin’ on their feet dancing in the isles, in between the theater seats, right thru this eye popping showcase. Many hours must have went into perfecting this Tribute. Each mastering their instrumental crafts, right down to the gritty sounding vocals thanks to featured front man, singer/song-writer and guitarist Steve Dickinson. These incredibly talented Toronto area musicians, nailed it, replicating the ultra professional sound.

There are sensational acts on the circuit, but, this stage show is unlike another, as their remarkable bang on sound a like show, instantly took us on a stroll down memory lane thru the Bob Seger catalogue of 60’s and 70’s & good ole 80’s treasures like: “Feel Like A Number”, “Her Strut”, “Like a Rock”, “Against The Wind”, “Old Time Rock & Roll”, “Turn The Page”, “Katmandu”, “Night Moves” and “Hollywood Nights” just to name but a few.

This act is a hidden gem now discovered. They guarantee an exclusive and extraordinary fun filled kick ass experience that is truly inspiring, enthusiastic & carefree. The goosebumps were plentiful when you heard the audience singing song after song along with Dickinson. A truly decadent event.

2017 marks the 37th year since Bob Seger’s award winning album and hit single, “Against The Wind” was destined to become etched in the public’s minds and hearts, thanks Against The Wind for reminding us.

Jeffrey Dean Goldstein is ATW’s drummer and founder and he put this rock solid tribute together, taking us back, to remember this rockin’ era, leaving a lasting impression on Bob Seger fans.  Jeff fell in love with music at the age of 7 and by 10 he began learning the drums and at 14, had played his first professional gig, with the band Jester.  Jeff’s keen sense of classic rock, jazz and blues has sustained his passion and drive for quality that continues to bring him gigs performing and touring with high profile Canadian talent both in the cover and original genres such as: Fingers – the Paul Ryan Band (with Joe De Angelis of Thundermug and Kam Marshman), Fable Manor – (Polydor Records), Viva La Bido – a Steve Blimkie project (Reddi Records), Jeremy Waterhouse – Singer/songwriter, The Petition (with Bruce and Ted Nasmith), Too Drunk to Fish Band and The Loaded Blues Band.  Session work, gigs and launching his own recording studio in the GTA, certainly keeps Jeff busy but his drive and well-trained skill are focused on this venture making it the ultimate Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band tribute experience and adventure for audiences.

Music Director/keyboardist of ATW’s John Jamieson brought his A Game & 40 years music seasoned experience March 31st. He is a composer, arranger, producer and owner of Soundhouse Studio. John’s music resume is deep as he has performed with the Drifters, Billy Dee Williams, Olivia Newton John, Robert Gordon,Gene Pool, Total Recall Show Band, Peter Bloom Band, Markus of Treehouse TV.

The incredibly gifted, young, yet seasoned guitarist Adam Langley brought a warmth to this line-up, always smiling and connecting with the audience. Adam, has performed in 2015 with the massive sound of Randy Bachman after winning the Q107 Rock Out with Randy Bachman contest.
Music has been apart of this multi-instrumentalist Josh Gordon, since he was 6 and you can tell he is versed in several genres too as he plays with ease. Bringing warmth and years of experience to these highly fueled musical masters. He has opening for Jeff Healey, Fathead, Wild T & the Spirit and David Wilcox and is a very gifted and extremely popular studio guitar musician,

Marysia Gonzalez is a superb vocalist & a passionate lover of rock music, who carries a tree of knowledge in her field of true passion – music performance, teaching and band management and is owner and promoter at her OhMG! Music.

Another stellar performer, that rounds out the perfection known as ATW is non other then Cindy Richards, who brings energy and that non stop addictive smile, who comes from an entertainer family background with drama and vocal experience and has marked 25 years as a co-owner of Soundhouse Studio with her keyboard husband
John Jamieson.

Kevin McCloskey exudes passion as he performs on bass, and brings to ATW his 30 years of professional playing, 25 years of studio sessions and over 10 years of teaching bass and guitar, now thru Ontario College of Music.
Johnny Panchyshyn brings the smooth pop to ATW. Saxaphone has got to be nature’s sexiest instrument. Whether it be alto, tenor or baritone sax sounds, Johnny is a Canadian reed master well known around the globe for his professional recordings and performances with The Lincolns and Oakland Stroke, Tower of Power Tribute now Against The Wind. The beginning notes he pumps out in Turn The Page, gave me goose bumps, as he replicated that famous 1973 Bog Seger hit, GAVE ME Seger Fever for sure.

This Peterborough show featured lead vocalist, Steve Dickinson, an acclaimed singer/songwriter and powerful veteran rocker, who sung with Alto Reed a founder of Seger’s Silver Bullet Band, nailing the vocals that night.

Against the Wind revisited classic rock of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s and had the full house Market Hall Performing Arts Centre music fans to their feet, dancing for 2 hours as they finishing off with encores that knocked the socks off patrons. Thanks Against The Wind for the sentimental stroll thru time to an original rock n roll era, making lasting impressions. This ATW Production guarantees an exclusive and extraordinary kick ass experience, leaving you inspired and remembering that “Rock and Roll Never Forgets.”