Back by popular demand! POP CHERRY show delivered good old rock n roll ~ another stellar showcase Presented by Route69 Productions.

The Rock Pile was rockin’ in prime form with the back by popular demand showcase with POP CHERRY on September 29th.  Another stellar event PRESENTED by

Route69 Productions.

 Sound was perfect & the stage was lit and ready to receive Toronto’s hard and heavy, Demolition Rage.  (Photo courtesy of Heather Brett-Roper).  They lit the stage ablaze with Jack of Shadows and got the audience participating on their hit On Your Knees.  Demolition Rage is like an infinite measure, both a creative workbook and an authoritative reference. Their stage presence is scorching, edgy, thick, totally a driven sound that emits high energy, just watch their acrobat bassist extraordinaire, Kevin ‘Sir Bassolot’ Brazolot who actively performs feats that involve agility and balance.   They are full of drive & an abundance of musical passion and are truly dedicated to their pertinent craft. 


 “Our genre is metal and we sound like AC/DC moshed with Pantera.



Demolition Rage sounds are loud, abrasive, in-your-face with no remorse, kinda like metal that’s getting dragged on gravel.”  founding member Fabio La Rocca stated.   These hard rockers surely know how to musically Bring It To The Fight.  Age has no bearing on talent and this 4 piece proves that theory.  Together they produce a sound all their own and their flavor is like a rich red vino aged to perfection.  Members over the years have had strong musical pleasure of sharing stages with Iron Maiden, Motor Head, Dio , 3 Days Grace, I Mother Earth, Kim Mitchell, Slick Toxic, Lee Aaron, Famous Underground with Nick Walsh (formerly of Slick Toxic), KILLER DWARFS, ANVIL and performed at Edge 102 Fest, Tweed Trudeau Park Festival, Ontario Place (Amphitheater) and headlined the Peterborough L.I.V.E Music Festival.  Their current member line-up have been together 7 years and sport songs from their 2 CDs-“Murder By Numbers” and their recent album “No Room for Silence,” with a 3rd in the works.  Though Fabio, lead guitarist, backup vocalist & song-writer founded this band a decade ago, he still brings the surging  instrumental melody lines and lead passages that fans adore blended in with the rhythm backbones, Bassist/back up vocal Kevin Brazolot. Drummer Cam Cathcart. Adding in front-man George Petkovski the last 2 years has added deep musical color and has taken them in a new vocal direction.  George’s powerful tenor vocals sure get a lot of attention when he elevates to those clean & perfected high pitched notes of stratospheric proportions, especially on their cover versions of DIO, with Rainbow In The Dark ( a DIO rock anthem).   They are truly engaging and full of spunk, fans just can’t seem to get enough of these dedicated hard working family guys turned metal masters by night.   Brutal yet majestic Get ready & stay tuned   

Demolition Rage photos by Deb Draper

Social Strife performed in direct support of Pop Cherry on September 29th, and although new on the scene the last few years, the members are seasoned veterans and bring many years of experience to the forefront for their legions of fans as often as they perform.  I borrowed this quote from their website, as I could not have worded it better.  “Envisioned by Sean ‘The Unicron’ Farro to fill the void created by the synthetic music and a contrived industry.  Refusing the buy in/buy up method of corporate pay to play and be the enigma amongst their peers.  Become the new standard by which other bands will measure their success.  Bring a grinding halt to the over-sold predictable fallacy of formulaic music and awaken the zombified industry with raucous honesty and dangerous truth. ”   “We don’t want to be the next last thing.  We are going to be the first next thing.” Singer, songwriter and founding member Sean Farro has a unique voice and extreme energy, never idle and loves the attention of his excited audience and he stellarly combines  with the young Mark Bedross who shreds guitar with the best of the vets in the biz (half his age older) while he blends and compliments musical genius & veteran guitarist Julee Biafore.  Bassist Tommy Bolden adds the bottom end sound and rounds it out with the incredible hard hitting heavy pulse known as drummer Stefan Ford.  They introduced hits like ‘Blind’ and their newest hit ‘Misunderstood’ which is the 1st single off Social Strife’s 2nd CD ‘What Doesn’t Kill Me…’ stop by to see what’s shaking at  Photo courtesy of fan, friend, media personality & photographer Candy Burns//Phoenix Camerah of RBX Radio 

Photo below courtesy of fan

Steve MacLeod.

Lead Singer/Harmonica player Joey Varone seen here,  soulfully collaborated with guitarist and backup vocalist Robert Chiappetta, blending beautifully with the rhythm providers-bassist/backup vocalist Dave Bachelor and drummer Joey Greco, perfecting cover and original hit after hit.  Pop Cherry’s got a magic that will leave you inspired and in the rock n roll frame of mind as they wind you up so tight you just have to release your happiness on the dance floor.  Toronto’s one-of-a-kind party band revved up their devoted audience with a strength and vitality sustained right up til close.  Full of spunk and vigor & oosing sexuality, this 4 piece headlining act exuded vivacity and endurance as they strolled us thru the rock n roll ages with a sound alike catalogue of covers by The Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Beatles, Aerosmith, INXS, The Cult blending in a few of their creative high pumping  originals like Sexy Like That available at Itunes at or Love is On My Side and the stunning diddy Lolly Pop.  Captivating was an understatement, they held my attention straight thru and totally raising the bar with their bang on version of Elvis’s Suspicious Minds.   

Photo by Deb Draper.

  1. If you haven’t had the pleasure to have indulged on this groovy rock n roll time capsule as of yet, I strongly suggest you catch their high voltage performance when they unleash their musical fuel in a city nearest you.  They are a perfect fit for any occasion, stop in and see whats popping at