by Photojournalist Deb Draper

DEB:       It is my distinct honor to be sitting down with internationally acclaimed, 40 year old, multi-award winning, Gold and Platinum selling frontman, singer, song-writer, multi-instrumentalist, mixer/master, vocal coach & producer-Lukas Rossi.

LUKAS: I’m not 40 yet! But we’ll go with the rest, and thanks. Haha

DEB:       I would like to give you a huge round of applause.  You sport so many talented hats in the music business and you add in family man with becoming husband to Kendra Jade in 2007 and a father in 2015 to your son Brydon.  Wow not many can juggle all that you do.

DEB:       Q)           How do you find time for Lukas Rossi ?

LUKAS:  A)            Thanks!! My wife and I do a good job of making sure that we each get time together, time alone, and time with our son. It can be difficult but for the most part we are very fortunate that we work from home and when I need some Lukas time, I can get into my studio and write.
DEB:       Q)           When did you realize that music was going to be your way of life?

LUKAS:  A)            Pretty much since the day I was born. My mom used to sing all the time when I was growing up and she had a beautiful voice so I grew up in a pretty musical household…but for me, the first time I played a guitar and sang, that was it. I can’t imagine doing anything else.


DEB:       You possess a rare vocal talent having ranges of 7 plus octaves and the flexibility to swing from deep guttural baritone to soprano riffs.

DEB:       Q)           What is your secret to maintaining good vocal health and keeping it in great shape?

LUKAS:   A)          It’s like going to the gym to keep your body healthy. You gotta work it out every day.  I drink a lot of water and I sing every day.  Just like any craft, you always keep striving to perfect it.

DEB:       Q)           What was going on in your brain that iconic moment they announced you as the winner, the man to front 3 of the world’s leaders and innovators of rock like Motley Crue’s drummer Tommy Lee, former GNR guitarist Gilby Clarke and former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted ?

LUKAS:  A)           I was so happy. I just couldn’t wait to go on tour. Tommy is like a brother to me and that day, and that record…all of it…are such special memories to me. The song “Headspin” I wrote for my mom became our single, we toured the world. We put out a record that I’m still really proud of.  I made such great friends on the show and there was so much talent amongst my peers. I’m still amazed by the fans who have stayed with me and supported me for the last decade and travel around the world to come to see me perform. That show opened a lot of doors for me and I wouldn’t change a thing!
DEB:       Always creating, recording, producing, mixing and mastering whether your own or other artists songs in your studio.  I heard you even manage musical artists?

DEB:       Q)          Is this true? & can you let your fans know what other services your studio provides?

LUKAS:  A)           Yes, this years been a crazy one. I did some writing w/Tommy (Lee). My band The Halo Method (Ben Moody -Evanescence , Dave Buckner (Papa Roach) etc. is currently working on our full album. I also recently did a side project “King City” with Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace. I wrote some songs for Geoff tate’s (Queensryche) last record. Even wrote with some Christian Rock Bands like Children:183 and RED. I did a music video with (Canadian Rapper) Peter Jackson.  I’m currently producing a lot of bands. My artist Mykey May has a record about to drop, My other artist Atwell’s record is about to come out. And I just played a killer show in LA with Scott Stapp. So yeah. Lots going on!   My production company handles everything from Artist/Talent development and Management to record production, song-writing, and even social media for our artists. People can find out more at
DEB:       Q)           From the impressive list of songs you have written during your in depth career, which stands out the most in your soul and why?

LUKAS: A)           Headspin is a definitely a stand-out one for me. It represents a lot of who I was and what I was going through at that time. Each album I put out is so special and personal to me for that period of my life so it’s hard to pick just one. I love the songs that I’m doing with The Halo Method. Every song-writing experience is so different and reflects different sides of my personality. So there’s fun sexy stuff like “Super Sex Magic” (which starred the gorgeous Shanna Moakler in the video) but there’s also really dark and moody stuff like “Toxic”. I think as artists we just continue to grow and evolve and we write from our souls so every song means something to us, but more importantly, to the listener who can connect with it. A song represents words that sometimes others can’t say. Music is life.


DEB:       Q)           Who would you say has influenced you the most ?

LUKAS:   A)           On a musical level, definitely some of the people  I look up to most are guys like Prince, Jeff Buckley, Freddie Mercury. I learned to play music because of guys like them. Smashing Pumpkins was a major influence. Lionel Richie.   On a personal level, my mom and dad who have both struggled  but are such strong people. I have a lot of traits of both. Also , my friend Barb Sedun who signed me to my first publishing deal is such an inspiration. She’s a really wonderful woman who just believes in me so much and she’s tough and smart but also kind and passionate about music . And Mike Mccarty who’s at SOCAN now. I would not be where I’m standing today without all of those people. But also my wife, she inspires me as I’ve watched her be an amazing mom to our son. And the fans, they inspire me every day to keep doing what I do.


DEB:       Q)           Would you say there is a difference in your creative song writing process there in the USA versus Canada?

LUKAS:   A)           Not really. There may be a difference in what labels/radio etc are looking for but I don’t write for accolades from the masses or by theory in a room with 30 people to write a “hit”.  I write for myself as a way of healing and then I hope it means something to someone else out there too.  And if it becomes a “hit”, then even better.


DEB:       Q)           Fans want to know more on how to become 1 of the elite ticket holders at your Rockfest Lukas!

LUKAS:  A)           We put on a 4 day VIP event yearly for our fans. We only invite 20 people because we want it to stay small and super intimate. Then my wife and I spend the weekend (hopefully!) entertaining… lol We play music, go camping, swimming, singing, hanging out and cooking for everyone at our home and then I perform each night. This year we rented a cabin in Malibu where we all stayed. It’s literally one of the things I look forward to most every year.


DEB:       Q)           What can we expect at your October 22nd Oshawa Music Hall Night Club & Concert Theatre performance Presented by Black Moon Entertainment held at 39 King Street East ?

LUKAS: A)           You should expect a great fuckin rock show. I’m playing with members of my pre-supernova bands Rise Electric and Cleavage so it’s gonna be a really special night for the old school fans. And a lot of fun for us to play together again!
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