SPOONS Sold Out Adelaide Hall.



BOOM 97.3 FM & MRG CONCERTS PRESENTED SPOONS LIVE with special guests Toronto’s own

Lady Electric.

This incredibly talented & explosive 5 piece act sounded like a younger version of the SPOONS with heavy synth.  They took us on different “Stages” thru funky, discoesc & synth pop rock sounds, that resonated like “Somebody To Me. ”  “Who Has to Know” & the sensational Buble cover, “Feeling Good.”  https://www.facebook.com/theladyelectricband

James Shannon – Vocals / Guitar, Michael Campea – Lead Guitar / Keys
Josh Lundy – Bass, Cyrus Symoom – Drums
Brett Elder – Keys / Synth

Gord Deppe & Sandy Horne with Casey MQ & Chris McNeill, together are SPOONS, who are Canadian innovators of synth new wave who still rock an impressive full house after 37 years of projecting their magic.  Well into a decade & a half of the 21st century as notable house hold names, these award-winning song-writers, still share & create a wonderful nostalgic sound union with their legions of fans around the world.   Droves of 40 somethings stood in the pouring October rain, in an alleyway of downtown Toronto, young at heart all over again, anxious to get inside & lineup front row, for one glimpse, to feel the SPOONS adrenaline & to be apart of the impressive audience’s responsive energy. Their new sound conquers the world of popular music once again, a truly impressive phenomenon.   Melodious & harmonious to the ear, these music industry experts engaged the 19+ audience with old & new hits, holding strong to their status as one of the most successful in the retro synth music industry.   SPOONS, watching “You Light Up” engaging your captivated fans, truly priceless.  I still get “Numb” with those “Old Emotions” when they propelled “Arias and Symphonies” the audience went nuts singing loud & proud over & above Gord & harmonies from Sandy Horne.

With plenty of excitement, SPOONS introduced their newest hit “Beautiful Trap” with tremendous applause revving us forward to reveal their free download offer from their www.spoonsmusic.com of “Beautiful Trap,” giving us only 48 hours to download and share, limited time offer expired Monday October 16th at 9 pm.  Simply getting better with age, they performed “Nova Heart” which seemed like they held us captive back in time with the pause button stuck.  I reflect back to my Sept. 21st, 2016 interview with Gord –  Q) What was your favorite SPOONS hit?  A) GORD DEPPE:  “Nova Heart.  It hit an unexpected nerve with people.  It reached TOP 10 in the day where Queen, Led Zeppelin & The Who were going strong on the same charts.  How is that possible? A little song with drum machines & synthesizers! I never get tired of playing that song.”

Excited fans filled the Adelaide Hall to full capacity with just over 400 in attendance.  All thrilled to personally catch the special news Gord had to share and to witness the surprise guest on bill.  The audience went berserk as 2 time JUNO award-winning Lawrence Gowan (www.gowan.org) joined the stage to engage with the band on “Nova Heart.”   SPOONS followed up with “Bridges Over Boarders” which quickly converted to Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s RELAX briefly before they returned to “Bridges Over Boarders” again.    ” I will say this, that the 80’s generation is the single greatest generation of all time”Gord states, as they project forward into their soon to be, 38th year in the business.


Gord emitted an infectious energy, just like teenager preparing for their first gig as he sported a new guitar and told his fans that he was adding in a new chapter to his life, he will be the guitarist for Flock of Seagulls; however, strongly reassuring his fans that he would continue to perform SPOONS shows as well, thank goodness!!


Sandy got to introduce the audience to her NS Double Steinberger Bass as they brought us along the “Waterline” and Sandy got to “Escape With You” as she eloquently showcased her full vocals, strolling them right into their perfected “Snow Globes” & “Romantic Traffic.”

Taking us back in time to 1981 with “Red Light” from their 1st album Stick Figure & straight into another brand new piece First & Last allowing them to “Tell No Lies.”

“End of Story” was near as they revved us with their last piece, a new dub step club version of “Nova Heart,” crowds went insane for it.  Drowning the room with cheers & applause they remounted their positions once again &  rallied their fans for a fun-filled 2 song encore just like being at a “Rodeo” & then they all sang loud & proud “When Time Turns Around, We¹ll do it all over again, One last time, When Times Turns Around”as they continue to lead the 80’s retro resurgence.  I quickly reflect once more, in the paragraphs below, to my previous interview on Sept 21st, 2016 with SPOONS,

Q-5) DEB: What do you believe was your claim to fame and your secret to longevity?

A) GORD: “We’ve stayed the same people we’ve always been.  And we are as happy to see our fans as they are to see us!  It’s like a reunion of sorts, definitely not a chore. I love to meet our fans and to hear their stories on how our music affected their lives; how it brought relationships together, helped them through difficult times growing up. It’s makes poetry of our lives.”


A) SANDY: “I think we were just fortunate, in the right place at the right time and to have the opportunity to share our music with as many people as possible.  We have longevity because we continue to believe in ourselves and our fans still believe in us. Without our fans, our listeners, we wouldn’t be out there.  Gord and I are really good friends and performance partners.  We started out in high school as boyfriend and girlfriend but, in the end, just love performing live together.”



”It was surprising, in many ways. We were lucky to be part of the 80’s. There was nothing like it; it was a fun and crazy time, kind of like 10 years of Halloween!  We can laugh about the hair and clothes we wore, it was all part of that era, but we’re very proud of the music that came out of it,” stated Gord Deppe. 



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