Esther Widmann LIVE Oct. 7th opening act to Killer Dwarfs and Headlining Oct. 19th at The Rock Pile

I have the pleasure of chatting with a Canadian Singer/Song-writer Esther Widmann of Alberta. Her trio sound is one of alternative electronic industrial, with heavy piano synth, that presents a showcase of strong dramatic vocals and harmonies taking you on a ride of intense feelings of the past, present and future. I am intrigued with your list of originals, especially ‘All to Myself’ as your music resonates deeply with me as I am an 80’s child and your music is reminiscent of that era.


DEB:                  When did you realize that music was going to be your life?

ESTHER:            I guess I realized very early in life that music was for the most part going to be the way I would express myself. My grandmother and mother both, were very involved in the music business, both being vocalists. We would spend evenings with my mother playing guitar and us singing together. At five years old I was given my first little Yamaha keyboard, so that I could accompany my singing.



DEB:                  What education/training did you endure, so you could follow your passion?

ESTHER:            I took classical piano and vocal lessons for a few years.  I jokingly always blame my dad for me being exposed to the “dark side of rock ‘n’ roll”, when  I came across his vinyl collection at 11 or 12 years old, that involved bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and the Alan Parsons Project who had a huge influence on me and people around me had to quickly adjust to the girl upstairs, trying to sound like Robert Plant. (laughs).  It’s hard to say right now if the soprano parts in my voice were being expanded by rehearsing for a “phantom of the opera” recital, or a rock star who was wearing jeans two sizes too small. (laughs).



Esther, your vocal range is a phenomenal lyrical mezzo/contralto combination ramping up to those angelic and powerful soprano notes reaching stratospheric proportions.

DEB:                  How do you stay vocally strong? Walk us thru your vocal regimen?

ESTHER:            I like to challenge my vocal chords by practising different genres of music from Opera like Rossini’s “Le Donna del Lago”, all the way to Frank Sinatra‘s “fly me to the moon” or Tool’s “46 and 2”.  Oh and the occasional shot of whiskey or cigarette to keep the voice prepared for possible upcoming environmental stresses. (laughs)



DEB:                  From the impressive list of songs you have written, how many albums have you in your collection?  Also, which song stands out the most in your soul and why?

ESTHER:           I currently have one album in the making of which I released two songs on iTunes already.  I think the song standing out the most to me is “let it go” as it is written for my late mom.



DEB:                  Who would you say has influenced your musical passion and drive the most?

ESTHER:            My mom who was and still is one of the most influential people when it comes to driving my musical passion.  Also not to forget my very supportive dad, friends and band members who stood by me during the most difficult time of my life a few years ago.



DEB:                  Have you seen or felt a major shift or change in the music industry making it tougher for new music icons on the horizon to spread their talents?

ESTHER:            I think we all have seen a major change in the music scene over the last little while.  Not only by the sounds and characteristics of the 80s and 90s becoming popular again, but also the fact of it getting more difficult for both,  up and coming and already established musicians to present and perform their art. It appears as if live music is somewhat losing its appeal to the crowds.



DEB:                  What does success mean to you?

ESTHER:            Success to me personally means being able to present and perform my songs freely and without having to tiptoe around difficult subjects.  We are all equal and have the right to voice our opinions and views. It is up to the individual to draw and pick out what is important to them and use it as they see fit in their own lives.



DEB:                  What advice would you give an indie act pursuing a music career?

ESTHER:            When it comes to advice I would give an indie act pursuing a music career, I would encourage them to stay true to themselves and their project, no matter how difficult or pointless it might seem at times, or without any outlook on success in the near future.   Do what you love doing and believe in yourself. Take criticism for what it is and learn from it if you can. Don’t give up on your goal, it starts with you to make it happen. Write, sing, play, perform, socialize, network and have fun with it.



DEB:                  What can we expect at your Oct.7th opening showcase for the Killer Dwarfs and your huge headlining performance Oct. 19th at the Rockpile in Toronto?

ESTHER:            I am very excited to play at the Rockpile in Toronto and am looking forward to present parts of my upcoming album on the 7th, opening for killer dwarfs and to play a full headlining show on the 19th where I will be performing not only my own music but also my interpretations of some tunes written by other popular national and international acts and personally meet with some of the amazing fans who are supporting me.


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