Esther Widmann brings her hypnotic and stimulating Alternative synth metal to The Rockpile October 19th.

Staying in Tune with Alberta’s

Esther Widmann

Canadian Singer/Songwriter Esther Widmann performed an explosive display on Oct. 7th at The Rockpile in Etobicoke as the opening act to 2 time Juno nominated Killer Dwarfs with local acts RUSTIK & Goatbox Rebels.

Esther is a multi instrumentalist and writes & produces her own songs/videos and her vocals are unbelievably stupendous.  This addictive alternative & electronic industrial synth metal front-woman’s massive vocal ranges lead their charged sound that can switch from darkly harmonic, into blended symphonic metal mezzo/contralto into soprano in seconds, all entrenched inside a fantasy.    

Her self titled trio consists of musically gifted guitarist Trev Kill who also delves double duty as front-man for Sugar Snap and Negative Earth and building the deep hard and heavy connection is the turbocharged, creatively experienced,  drumming educative force, Brent Thommy Thunders Gerliz.  There is an 80’s deeply seated richness in her song ‘Crumble’, one could hear variations of Toronto’s idiosyncratic Jane Siberry.  Yet, while listening to Esther’s versatile vocals in ‘All To Myself’ I could actually hear yet another genre.  The incredible compatibility to that of multi Grammy/Juno awarded, Canadian Music Hall of Famer & fellow  lyrical mezzo/contralto Albertan, KD Lang.  This phenom can ramp up to those impressive and luxurious soprano notes reaching stratospheric proportions.  Yet, her plethora of originals, that will appear in her 1st album in near future, resembles hypnotic and stimulating synth metal  combinations of Tarja Turunen meets Dutch singer Sharon Den Adel meets Evanescence with strong vocal splashes of Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil.  When the intro starts, I could hear hints of imaginative orchestra similar to Moon Dance by Danny Elfman (Corpse Bride orchestra score).  

I took a second to express my thoughts directly with Esther regarding what I found in her pieces, totally expecting a confused response, yet here is what Esther shared in reference to my comparisons.  I’m honored to hear that, Deb! All of the vocalists you mentioned, I have a ton of admiration for, especially KD Lang and Tarja Turunen.  Trev and I both, are huge fans of Lacuna Coil.  I was exposed to a lot of different genres of music while growing up, which really helped me with developing my vocals. So thank you very much for reaching out to tell me this, as it really encourages me in believing, I’m on the right path.”   Last original song of their set was an emotional piece, ‘Let It Go’ which was written surrounding her mother’s recent passing and the performance was laced with Esther’s captivating interpretive dance & dramatic vocals; truly stellar. 

They were greeted by a full house, crowding her stage growing thicker as they gave their all.  The audience was digging it, looking for away to the stage to indulge and receive an up close and personal glimpse of their magic and to capture this incredible moment in time, as cameras were plentiful.  They expressed their ultimate talents and nailed 2 enhanced and recognizable cover pieces like Jefferson Airplane’s ‘White Rabbit’ and Nine Inch Nails ‘Closer’.  Pulling in the reins for a softer angelic almost orchestral classical injection one moment baring her talented pulsating change of pitch (vibrato) zooming right into a powerful combination of heavy drums with different guttural metal guitar elements in nanoseconds, making this rare gem a mind blowing experience.  

Another great artist presented to us by promoter extraordinaire and industry vet Sean Patrick Armstrong and Ghost In The Machine.  $15 Tickets are on sale now for their Toronto headlining debut on October 19th, at The Rockpile; however, if you join Esther Widmann’s  Facebook event page today at  and click “going”  it will get you onto her $10 early bird VIP list.  Doors open at 7:30 pm and the lineup hosts special guest performances starting at 8:00 pm by Josh Gordon Band, Vinyl Ambush, Beyond Savage with Esther Widmann mounting the stage at 10:00 pm.

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Photos encapsulated throughout are copyright to 4th year Wire MEGAzine photojournalist and contributing columnist, Deb Draper.