winter sucks but not so bad

its pretty warm today. but its still winter. willie who lives under the bridge says it happens. he said he rimembers when one winter there werent snow. he said that ws the best winter ever. bob who sleeps in the chair says its climate changin and that pretty son we’ll al be under water and thats why wind mills are a good idea. I didn’t get that but bob laughed at it. mary who used to stand in front of the licker store said she likes climite change cause she don’t have any good snow boots. but then she said the slush is bad too. marys boyfriend dave who has a job said it was a good thing cause hes tired of buying mary boots. I guess it bein warm is a good thing for me cause its hard sleepin outside when its cold. so I aint sure whats so bad about the climate changing. beer still stays cold.