I Got Leverage or Something

ok so some fool went and told the boss that I wasn’t getting enough room for my stories and he wanted more. so then the boss tells me I got to work more because I have people expecting stuff now or something. Bob who sleeps on the couch said I got something now called leverage. mary who stands in front of the liquor store says I should get more beers cause I’m given him more words now. she said “remember you get paaaaid in beer.” willie who lives under the bridge said that was a good idea too and bob agreed too. I hope this leverage thing works out.

No Home
So I saw story in the paper I was under about the warming room staying open for June. I tried going there once but there were people who needed it more than me so I found some place else. that’s how I met Willie who lives under the bridge. willie said it wasn’t right. “they got all this money for parks for people to sleep in.” he said. I said they are pretty nice too for hiding and tuckin in. Mary who stands in front of the licker store has a place to stay. it’s a room. bob who sleeps on the couch just laughed at us all. he said “where ever’s a couch he got a home.”
people can be different.

so the extra beer just got here and now I got to drink it before its all gone. be bad for all this extra work if it aint worth nothin.

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