model weather

it’s a good thing the wether is getting better cause willie who lives under the bridge was getting real depressed cause nothin was thawin out and he was gettin mean on everybody. bob who sleeps on the couch says its because willie is old and old people don’t like the cold. it gets in there bones and makes them cranky or somethin. mary who stands in front of the licker store said the askin is better when the wether is better cause people don’t run for the car and they stop and talk sometimes and people come out with the guitar and sing for her and for coins. marys new boyfriend dave says he sometimes wants the wether to be bad cause he has a job and works inside and when the wether is good he wants to not be workin inside. I like the good wether cause I been workin on my tan. somebody said I could be in the movies so mary cut my hair and I took some of dave’s clothes and now I hang out at the mall waiting to be discovered. willie said I should get in the movies that way he can turn me off when he wants. willie doesnt even have a tv so I don’t know why he said that. it wil be better when he’s not cranky and jealius.

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