Green Day : Father Of All Motherf*ckers

After a two part rock opera – a failed trilogy of albums you have disowned – a life saving stint in rehab and a lukewarm reception what do you do to stay
relevant as a punk band that has been releasing records for over three decades? You go back to the garage – come up with ten pop size nuggets and pay homage to your roots and influences and put a stupid unicorn on the cover. This record clocks in just over 26 min and has been on repeat in my car for a solid three weeks. The sound may be jarring to casual fans of the group but for anyone familiar with their offshoot – Foxboro Hot Tubs – this record will act as the unofficial follow-up to that record. Tunes like Meet Me On The Roof, Stab You In The Heart, I Was A Teenage Teenager and Graffitia are some of the catchiest tunes they have released period. The cover is a hot mess but the album is pretty fantastic.