DUB TRINITY: The Valley And The Lowlands

DUB TRINITY The Valley And The Lowlands

[Ed Note] I’m filling in for Chris this issue, as he thought it a conflict of interest he review an album he played on

I’ve always been a fan of Dub Trinity and this latest offering is their strongest yet. With producer James McKenty at the desk again, the band has matured their sound, their playing and the conviction in which they deliver the lyric. “Waiting for A Miracle” delivers a hard hitting message reminiscent of the their earlier offering “The People Hold the Power.” The songs sway from their traditional Ska beat to East Coast meets the Far East with “Anywhere on this Road.” The last track “Grace, Too” is their nod to the Tragically Hip, as they cover one of Canada’s most icon hits and make it into their own. Mckenty’s experience working with the Hip at Bathhouse, allowed him to bring some of the sonic intensity to the recording the Hip themselves raised from the speakers. Pick up a hard copy at a show or listen online at dubtrinity.com. Grab all 3 discs if you have a chance. You won’t be sorry.