Why North Korea?

Since Donald Trump started prodding North Korea, the world is wondering whether it’s about to witness America’s wrath “The likes of which has never been seen before.” After threatening Kim Jong-un, the U.S. then slapped crippling sanctions of the DPRK, only to be answered with a threat of “A thousands fold” revenge. Then things began escalating, with missile launches, defensive tests and war maneuvers all designed to warn the other of their capabilities, i.e. don’t f*ck with us! MSM has jumped on the propaganda wagon painting N.K. as a rogue nation capable of wreaking havoc on the western world. And though Russia and China have yet to seriously wade in on the issue, they certainly have something to say about protecting their interests in the region.
So how did we get here? Rewind to 1945 when Japan loses its control over Korea and just like Germany, Korea is divided between the Soviets taking the North and the US controlling the South. So after WWII, America sets up shop in Japan, with its eyes on Korea and the region. It’s reminiscent of the British interests in Syria and Iraq after WWI.
Then comes the Korean War 5 years later, which apparently begins after China and Russia support N.K. and the invasion of the South. At the time, the war was sold “back home” as a way to stop the spread of communism. (This would play out again in the Vietnam War narrative.) Today it’s Terrorism; an equally illusive foe.
So, after millions of Korean and Chinese die, the war finally ends in an Armistice, not a Peace Treaty. Basically, that means the Korean War never ended.
Now leap ahead to 2001. After 9/11, Bush defines America’s new enemies; the Axis of Evil. They are countries that are accused of promoting terrorism and a threat to the American way of life. Those countries were Libya, Syria and Iraq and like North Korea they are all countries rich in resources. They are also countries that did not have privately owned central banks. Their banking systems were owned by its citizens, offering interest free loans and the ability to control the printing of currency, and ultimately the inflation that can cripple an economy. That all changed with the invasion of Iraq and Libya. Both countries saw their Central Banks looted and replaced with Rothschild banks. Presently Pres Bashar of Syria attempts to hold on to power while western powers collude to over-throw his government and in turn Syria’s Central bank.
So turning our eyes back towards N.K., why are they in America’s sites? One, they have one of the biggest poppy fields on earth and we know how much the US covets the poppy, (just look at Afghanistan and what happened to their production once U.S. troops were on the ground to protect them.) Two, it’s thought that N.K. sits atop trillions of dollars in untapped mineral resources and world’s largest known Rare Earth deposit. Three, they want the bank and the ability to charge interest on printing money, just like western banking interests enjoy worldwide. So in the end, it probably isn’t about terrorism, but rather, capitalism. Mb