Tomorrow Night: Legacy – Old Men Dancing

Wednesday May 20, 4:00pm-4:30pm
Livestreamed to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and featured on a performance page on the Public Energy website
If you can’t make the performance, you can watch afterwards here.

Old Men Dancing present Legacy, their thoughtful and moving dance work from the Emergency #21 festival in 2015. 

What do we leave behind? / For whom is it intended, / is it something to be considered / or best forgotten? / Is it: concrete or ethereal, / a statue or an idea, / an egotistical monument or a path to nirvana? / Such are the musings of old men. 

Performed by Brian Dimock, Brian Ling, Brian Nichols, Colin MacAdam, Hugh MacMillan, Jim Angel, John Anderson, Pete Hewett, Ravi-Inder Soligo, Ray Barker, Rob Steinman and Sandy Burnaby.

Filmed by: Stephen Rose
Edited by: Eryn Lidster

The Public Energy Rewind Room is a weekly livestream where we showcase full and excerpted performances from Public Energy’s archives. It’s a chance to gather together and enjoy art. The Rewind Room will focus entirely on local artists.