Mb Speaks: September 2019

Mb Speaks

Seems I’m writing a lot about how lucky we are, as yet another natural disaster ravages those least able to deal with it. I’ve just seen a video, filmed by someone caught inside their Bahamian home, with sea water lapping at the 5ft mark on their windows. The island has been devastated by hurricane Dorian, and just like Puerto Rico not so long ago, they’ll be years struggling to recover. There can be no doubt that, climate change and the ever increasing intensity of winds, rain and/or drought is real. Greenland is beginning to live up to it’s name and soon the oceans maybe so warm they stop following south to north. That will be devastating to us living in up here. That sudden drop of the conveyer belt, may have been what facilitated the last Ice Age. I’ve always been intrigued by the cycle of the zodiac and we’re about to enter the Age of Aquarius. Is it a coincidence Aquarius is the water-bearer? Makes you wonder… Speaking of wonder, I’m wondering where the summer went. So many great events packed into a few months of sunshine. Downtown Peterborough should be once again applauded for their organizational skills and ability to pick the winners, Taste of Downtown & Hootananny, two outstanding examples. Festivals around the area have been a boon for musicians. I remember the days when there were only a couple of choices and now there are dozens. Havelock Jamboree celebrated their 30th year, from flatbed trailer to full-on production, screens and stages, they’ve grown the show into one of Canada’s top attractions and they are here in our backyard! The Peterborough Folk Festival and Musicfest have continued to grow and draw record crowds and they too are here, in our backyard. We are truly blessed and we should never forget it. There’s no patience for complaining. Anyway, here’s another issue. I’ve lost track of how what number it is. Admittedly, the best part of this gig is interviewing some of the world’s most interesting people and being able to share thoughts and ask for insight. It’s one of the things that keeps me here in this chair at the end of every month. It’s coming on 30 years… Now! To get a drink, spin some Bowie and forget that I’m really even here at all….