Mb Speaks: September 2018

Mb Speaks

Here comes September and with it students from around the world. That means there will be folks with accents, colours and customs from other countries walking the streets and as a village, this is our big chance to celebrate the diversity this planet has to offer. But, for some, it will be an opportunity to dust off their prejudices, do some bonding with fellow racists, and then do everything they can to make these “strangers” feel unwelcome. With the hate festering south of the border, it’s bound to spill over in to our community, but we don’t have to accept it. We can stand up to it and continue to expose it, whether on the street or a video posted to social media. Because this shit has to stop! Pride celebrations right around the corner, a reminder of the power a collective can have when changing attitudes. Decades ago, such an event wouldn’t be possible because of “sexual intolerance.” And it’s not really about tolerance, it’s about acceptance. Accepting that we’re just one small fleck on a beach of pebbles of every colour, size and type. It’s not about “me and you” it’s about us. A global collective of smells and fashions and musical beats and hair styles and culinary spices and daily struggles. I suppose that’s why I’ve never been a fan of team sports. Team against team, country against country. Why is it we think we have to always beat someone to win? I can’t help think it’s all about keeping us thinking that dropping bombs, whether artillery or fiscally, on other countries is tolerable… I don’t know where I’m going with this, other than to say, stay vigil this month as “the different” hit the street, and do your best to make everyone feel welcome. That’s all. Speaking of welcome, don’t forget to take in the Purple Onion Festival in, again this month. Millennium Park September 23. Also check out the VeganFest the weekend before and get your karma aligned. Speaking of food, next issue catch our special Political Pullout, featuring our local candidates. It will give you a thing or two to chew on…
Mb. Keep the faith.