Mb Speaks: September 2017

Mb Speaks

Well that went by quickly. Good bye summer, I hardly knew you! I guess time flies when you’re having a good time. A tip of the hat to all those who offered me adventure and hospitality this summer. Jen at the Jamboree, Elvis in Collingwood… In Peterborough, an outstanding year of entertainment for Musicfest, I mean who’d imagine seeing Kim Mitchell, Tom Cochrane, Our Lady Peace, Sheepdogs, Philosopher Kings and Jason McCoy all in the span of 8 weeks, not to mention some great up and coming shows and tributes… and all for free! Big pat on the back to Tracy and her crew. Another knock out season. And it’s not just about the top shelf talent we get to enjoy, it’s about giving a community a reason to get together. I heard 17,000 for one show and someone won 8k on the 50/50!! That’s huge!! The impact that has on the business downtown and around the city. The marina is always over flowing, to the point that docks have now been installed on the rivers edge at The Holiday Inn. All these visitors do business here, leaving money behind in restaurants and coffee shops and gift and grocery stores. Most importantly, they go on their journeys describing their stay in the Patch. We can beam with pride as they describe the crowds and calibre that Musicfest and other events provide. But it doesn’t stop there. Since the days I brought MuchMusic to town to show us off, Peterborough has been known as a hot bed of music. My old friend John Greco used to say “The New Orleans of the North.” No one will dispute the economic impact the music business has had on Austin Texas. Since it embraced SXSW, decades ago, Austin has become world renown for incubating talent and forward thinking. This is why it’s important for the city to increase funding to the arts in Peterborough. We’ve had successful exports from all the disciplines; music, visual art, acting, modelling, photography. And for that to have happened, there had to be vehicles for people to practice and develop their craft. So when I hear about building new hockey arenas to the tune of millions, yet local arts facilities beg for table scraps… anyway enough about that… as I’m writing I can’t help but think of communities around the world struggling with the effects of climate change, never mind too many concerts all at the same time. How about floods and landslides and mud-slides and destruction? Always turns my complaints into nothing at all… So, what can we do? Little things. As you’ll read, September is Local Food Month. What’s that? It’s your chance to get out and meet the local people growing food. Tour their farms and take a minute to remember what’s keeping you alive, and hopefully healthy. Go to local restaurants that are cooking local produce. It’s important. Why? Because in the future, there will be no local farmers if we don’t. If you don’t go to the market or pick up from a farm down the road, or a roadside stand, these people will give up. And then we’re doomed. Because if the shit really hits the fan, I don’t want to have to count on my food being shipped thousands of km to get to me, cause what if it stops? It happens. After all, hard to attract big time musical talent when there’s no “craft service”…

Mb, Keep the faith.