Mb Speaks: October 2019

Mb Speaks

Ok October, what do you bring? An election, you say? Another chance to change the guard yet keep things the same. Because, no one really wants change. Change is risky. Markets can react negatively, economies can be squeezed, jobs lost. Of course, no one will admit to that. Every party has an answer. This election feels a lot like the last one. A fight for a decent leader and once again it comes down to the Blue & Red. I’m always torn, because as a supporter of the Greens, I’m awake at night wondering whether my vote helps split the left, allowing a Tory to run up the middle. Ideally, a minority liberal government with some Greens and NDP thrown in to keep an eye on things. It’s hard to imagine that after all that has gone on south of the border, Canadians are still considering #TrumpLite. Where do the Conservatives find these people? I still have the bad taste that was Stephen Harper, and right around the corner another Conservative leader of questionable character. I’m not here to defend Justin Trudeau. He broke campaign promises, reneged on Vote Reform and bought a used pipeline. But what’s really at stake, is our place in the world. Trump’s arrogance has isolated the US, and at a time when foreign companies are looking for trade deals with governments other than America’s, we are in a good place. Also, the world likes JT. They think he’s OK. That’s important, because people are still human, even if they are politicians… And speaking of flighty, allow me to throw some shade on the recent flyover of fighter jets sponsored by city. I get that people, who like airplanes, like people who like motorcycles, are into gathering together and showing off their wings. The CF Snowbirds are cool. I get it. But remembering the days we used to debate if the weekly fireworks triggered people, I can’t imagine what it feels like if you’ve just arrived from Syria or Yemen or Afghanistan or.. Ya, we do it to show off. We won’t bomb you, but we could if we wanted to… and in formation no less. I don’t know how much it cost, but I heard tickets didn’t go so well, so I imagine we dipped into some fund to make it happen. It must drive homeless folks crazy to see the money fly overhead. And just what was in that “vapor trail?” I’m asking for a friend…
Mb. Keep the Faith