Mb Speaks: October 2018

Mb Speaks

Ok, it’s election time again and Peterborough you have another chance to elect a representative you think will best serve your needs. And with that, we’re going to help you decide. Check out the Election Exclusive centre-spread in this issue, where we asked the candidates some hard hitting questions. Due to space (could have gone on forever) we kept it to what we thought were the day’s most pressing issues; Parkway, homeless folks, economic development, if you were a pizza what kind of pizza would you be (though I don’t think some understood how that question was to play out.) And though it was like herding cats, we had responses from most of the candidates, with few failing to respond. And to be clear we put numerous calls in to those “missing in action”. Anyway, I’m not sure what the gambling odds are but there are a few tight races. Speaking of getting dressed up, Halloween is almost upon us. Sadly, I’m feeling a bit old for Cosplay and candy, but for those still young at heart and dreaming of being a superhero or a sexy cat, you’ll be happy to know it happens on the 31st again this year. Be safe and remember to wear reflective tape.
And what’s up with me this month? I’ve got a Bowie Lives show, in Lindsay at the Academy Theatre, I’m looking forward to and then days later I’m off to China! China you say? “Shi” I say. I’m heading over to stand on the Wall, visit the Forbidden City, check out the Terracotta Army, drink some Chinese beer and practice my Mandarin. Given all the things I’ve read over the years about China, I’m not sure what it will be like. Stay with the tour guide seems to be the mantra of the day and don’t go anywhere that you’re not suppose to. So, I’ll do my best not to talk back or speak out and keep my opinions to myself. After all I don’t want to end up on the local news begging the liberal government to get me home, because sometimes my tongue has a mind of its own. So until I return, “Zai Jian.”

Mb. Keep the faith.