Mb Speaks: October 2017

Mb Speaks

I have to admit, I’m getting tired of opening every editorial with “Well that month blew by…” I wish someone would call me and tell me it’s happening to them too. Looking back on last month, another blur. For me it had some gigging, some riding, some business. Pretty much the usual stuff. There was the Purple Onion Festival. No longer part of the organizing team, I enjoyed the day as MC and with the help of Deb Draper, keep the live music rolling. Special thanks to Porter Sound for the Sunday gear delivery. The day went off without a hitch, perhaps the most organized yet. Wouldn’t it just be the hottest day of the year!? People stayed home and tried to stay cool this year. Even the diehard hippies complained. Usually we’re praying it doesn’t rain or snow. Yep, no doubt about it, climate is changing. The devastation in Puerto Rico should be a warning shot across the bow of anyone thinking we can just adapt to the changes. I’m convinced that the old men that don’t believe burning fossil fuel has anything to do with cyclones in the Pacific, are haplessly clinging to the old days, scratching and clawing to retain a glimpse of the first time they had sex. When cars were big and gas was cheap. The Electric City EV Meet at the Purple Onion featured all kinds of electric vehicles including a half dozen Tesla. If those don’t convince you that being environmentally responsible is cool, well you’re a lost cause. Speaking of lost causes, I’m not sure why white supremacists thought Peterborough would be a good place to hold a gathering, but by the looks of their turn out, they really didn’t after all. All good with me. The “Antifa” was out in full force and they bum-rushed those basement dwellers right out of town. I’m not sure what the City was thinking issuing them a permit. Last time I looked, espousing Nazi values was a crime. Anyway, who knows why the city does what it does, unless the undermining of downtown interests are under way, then council can be overtly obvious. Take the “negotiations” with the DBIA, essentially muting any decent in the future. Seems the heavy hand of control rests comfortably in the pocket of even our own comptrollers. And what about GE closing? I haven’t even talked about that yet. Though the number of jobs has dwindled considerably over the years, the weekly economic influx will be missed. The real question is, what will become of the land? I can’t even imagine the level of tonicity in that ground. I look at buildings that size and I see artist studios, and indoor farming, and Distillery District dreams… but what about the Radium! I don’t think we’ll ever find out what has been spilled, dumped and buried beneath some of those parking lots. It’s good that the National Energy Board announced it will, for the first time, “Consider the public interest impact of upstream and downstream greenhouse gas emissions from potential increased production and consumption of oil resulting from the Energy East project.” Ya, consideration! In your face GE! I hope all the wars are over so you can’t make any more fighter jet engines either. Take. that. too.” *eyes rolling