Mb Speaks: November 2019

Mb Speaks

November. The great “in- between” of Fall and Winter. Filled with days hoping there’s one more warm one when you can get everything you forgot to put away, put away. It’s also the month when we adorn a poppy, of various colours, and remember the sacrifice our parents, grandparents and great grandparents made to get us to where we are now. It’s a month to remember how lucky we are to live where we do. No one is fighting over a strip of land south of Bancroft. There aren’t bombs going off and we sleep without being woken by gunfire. As a young man, I didn’t spend years of my life sleeping in mud or eating from a can. We remember, as to not complain. We remember so we can thank our lucky stars. Through no fault of ours, things could have been different. We have no control over where or when we were born. I could have just as easily been born to the sounds of shelling and explosions. I’ll always be thankful I wasn’t. Because things can be taken from you at any moment. My old friend Mike Taveroff was taken from us last month. At a time in his life when the metaphorical shelling had subsided he was cut down by a “stray bullet.” cancer. He didn’t see it coming. Having dodged so many explosions in his life, he’d finally left the battlefield and was ready to be honorably discharged. Fate had other plans. 🙁
Mb. Remember the Faith