Mb Speaks: November 2017

Mb Speaks

Hello November, what do you hold for me? Gigs, you say! First, I’ll be bringing Bowie Lives back to the club where it all began, The Oshawa Concert Hall, Saturday November 11. The show has been together for almost a year now, and it gets tighter every time we perform it. We’ll also be returning to Market Hall in February 2018, and debuting a new multi media experience, as we make in- roads to the theatre market. If Bowie’s not your bag, you can also catch me with The MB Swingtet and special guest Jayde Taylor in the Showplace Nexicom Studio, Thursday November 30 as I stage “Another Buble Christmas.” I heard grumblings last year that I didn’t sing enough Christmas songs, so this year.. well, careful what you wish for! Speaking of what you wish for, I remember months ago finding out that Micah Barnes was coming to Market Hall. A fan from way back, I was pumped to see him, and took the opportunity to give him a call and put him on the cover. I even told him I’d help him sell tickets. Problem? It’s the same night as my show! That’s some heavy competition. If I was any other kind of guy, I would have buried his story on page 18… lol. Anyway, I’m going to miss his show, just as the others who will be buying my ticket! Man, sometimes I hate this business. Speaking about the business, it seems Dave Tobey has decided to close The Spill. Old news now, but Dave deserves a nod for sticking it out for so long. A room that size is hard to any big money from, and not that, that was Dave’s intention, but after years of staying up late and waking to pay the bills, it can wear on a guy. I imagine that’s what happened to Dave; fatigue. Anyway, you can pay tribute to his efforts this month as fans gather to say thanks at Market Hall Nov 8th. And speaking of paying tribute, our old musical friend Rick Young has had a stumble in his health, and has given up his iconic Blackhorse gigs with partner Gailie, at least for awhile. November 19th there will be a musical benefit with “A little Help From His Friends” at the Venue from morning to night. For those not in the biz, it might be hard to understand how precarious a muso’s income is, and when you can’t gig, you can’t earn. But this is why god created musicians, to help each other out, unless there’s only one spot the big stage and then look out! Speaking of looking out, now that the weather is starting to turn, I’ll be spending more time indoors away from my motorcycle, which saddens me. I did manage to bundle up and ride to Port Dover for Friday the 13th last month. I rode with a couple of friends and arriving the night before, we found the town basically empty. The next day, thousands of bikes rolled in from all over, to park their rides, hang out, buy a patch and then spend hours returning home. After all it’s all about the voyage not the destination. I’ll be putting my trusted steed away soon, but not until the snow flies and people look at me sideways for riding in November. It was only a couple of years ago I was cruising the highway Christmas day. Covered with tinsel, I got more than an astonished wave. Riding on Christmas! Really, what’s so wrong with global warming anyway…

Mb, Keep the faith.