Mb Speaks May 2019

Mb Speaks

Crashing into May, the weather is horrible, the winds are up and the world is turmoil. The Venezuelan military, as of today, is running people over in the streets. I could go into a long conjecture on how plummeting oil prices, generous social spending and lack of successful business experience, brought the country to where it is today. Ultimately it’s about big oil reclaiming the world’s largest oil reserves and all the, now aged, infrastructure that was nationalized back in the 70’s. By the end of 1999, Chavez seizes the local rigs and output of the world’s largest Oil companies; ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Chevron. Don’t think they want it back? Caught in the middle is my dear friend, Cuba. Since Trump has begun pressuring Cuba’s economy and oil imports, Cubans are lining up hoping to get enough cooking oil to last the month. Shortages are everywhere, and occasionally felt in the tourist districts. Electricity is at a premium, as power-plants have been cut to 80% output, as the government battles with oil shortages. Cuba is like that nice guy out enjoying his night with friends, and gets hit in the crossfire of something vicious. For those who know and love Cuba, now is the time to plan that trip and drop some cash and household items on them. Next fall or winter, don’t think of anywhere else. Just remember the good times Cuba has brought you. Help it survive, what will hopefully be a mere 552 days until America does what’s right and rids themselves of that man and party. Ack. And then here in our own province, Doug Ford and his government continue to dismantle policies and support networks that have been in place for decades. Tearing down years of activism and work, the PC focus on money and free beer. These people can’t see past their nose (I kept it #@!! polite)… On a lighter note, I’m still being David Bowie. Some great gigs coming up this summer and some interesting related projects. (I will elaborate at a later date) I’ve also booked Peterborough’s Market Hall for January 10, 2020, the 4th Anniversary of his passing. I’m going to do something big. You know me, I love a spectacle and since shuttering the Wire Awards years ago… wheels are turning. Hope there’s gas. Mb. Keep the faith