Mb Speaks: May 2018

Mb Speaks

Lots to talk about this month. I even made a list because sometimes I don’t remember to comment on things until I’m reading the hard copy. “Old timers” I guess. Speaking of “old timers” I’d like to address all those thinking of supporting Doug Ford in the provincial election. Bad idea. He’s practicing the same divisive politics that has engulfed our neighbours to the south and it’s not healthy. You think the conservatives would learn their lesson after the trouncing Harper took. People don’t like mean spirited politics. That’s why we have an optimist and social elite for a Prime Minister. Was he ready for the job? Probably not, but civility goes a long way with the majority of the electorate. Be nice and you have a chance of winning. Speaking of winning, congrats to two old friends who have finally decided to put their lives before their businesses. The Blackhorse will be a little less without Ray, but he’ll now get to focus on chasing rents from tenants rather than ordering the beer! The new owners are in for a smooth transition. Most notably though, Mike Taveroff closes Moondance after 3000 years in business! At least I’m sure it felt that way. I bought my first LP’s from him in the 70’s as did much of the Peterborough music community. It was the first time I’d smelled incense and the first time I’d heard Zappa. Formative years. I couldn’t be happier for Mike as he makes plans to sit on the dock and watch the ducks float by. Speaking of ducks floating by, it’s finally time to get out my motorcycle and I’m not alone. So when you’re out driving your tanks around, be sure to look both ways in case new rider Terry Guiel is riding down the street. Be safe TG! Speaking of safe, I’ve booked Showplace Sunday April 7, 2019. What for? My Bowie show? Singing some Buble? Shooting a music video? None of the above. After much prodding and consideration I give you: The 2019 Wire Awards! Full of the pageantry, celebrities and wicked musical performances you expect, I’ll be handing out the “Cheesy” for perhaps the last time as I ramp it up, form a committee and make it sustainable without me. Why without me? Because like my friends, I’ve been planning my exit strategy from this side of the biz for a few years. By now it’s a tried old narrative and one I continue to retell ad nauseum. Strengthening my resolve to spend the last years of my working career as a musician. So I’m bulking up the paper, crushing the competition and going out with a roar. That, and I need the money to pay my band.
Mb. Keep the faith.