Mb Speaks: March 2020

Mb Speaks

Hello March. How I’ve missed you. There’s something about this month that helps me turn the corner on winter, of which I’m no fan. Last month, I tried escaping the cold by flying 26,000km round trip to the land downunder, only to chase the sun from the bottom up. Locals told me they’d never seen such a cool wet summer. I claimed to have brought the rains and for that Aussies were grateful, showing their appreciation with bar shots and glasses of wine. By the time I’d arrived the fires were on their way out, though the rain brought floods to parts of the country. If the apocalypse has begun, it may have started downunder. All said, I experienced, once again, the hospitality of a country known for its grape growers, deadly wildlife and endless beaches. Time in my other hometown, Melbourne, was spent wandering through old neighbourhoods and marveling at the newly erected skyscrapers and an economy that shows no signs of slowing down. That said, I discovered Oz has the highest debt to income ratio in the world, so it’s anyone’s guess as to how long it will last. I also discovered a new favourite city, Adelaide. Though thought by most in Melbourne as some backbeach country town, I found the city of 1 million+ offered great nightlife, a thriving bar and restaurant scene and art installations everywhere. It was also the gateway to the McLaren Vale, South Australia’s premier wine county, where vineyards dot the landscape like flies on a vegemite sandwich. By car, I visited little towns, passing through many with populations less than 100. Some I stopped at, shopped, slept or explored. I even pushed my way onto a stage in one, lending my ego to a fundraiser for Kangaroo Island. I sang a couple of Bowie songs. Speaking of Bowie, I’ll be celebrating his genius again this month, with theatre shows in Oshawa & Niagara Falls Now to get over the jet lag… Mb. Exploring the Faith