Mb Speaks: March 2019

Mb Speaks

So, here comes March. Famous for the Ides, the drinking and the first glimpses of spring. A month when, just as you think you can’t take winter anymore, a tulip pops its bulb through the snow. It’s when motorcycle shows start selling you dreams, and you take that one last family vacation south. Most notably for most, it’s the month when, on one day, average folk adorn something green, call their friends and find a place to mock alcohol. I’ve never understood St Patty’s Day. After all, it’s celebrating St Patrick driving the pagans from Ireland and replacing it with Catholicism. We all know how that worked out for the Irish. It’s a marking of the rejection and stigmatization of all those who believed in earth sciences and the GAIA. I know, you’re going to say it’s just an excuse to get drunk, but after taking census of the things, do we really need another excuse? If anyone follows me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been consumed with Tweeting and re-tweeting evidence presented by the American #Resistence. With hope, I imagine posted evidence will turn some MAGA supporter around, only to discover they’re OK with who they are and what they support. So what if they’re racists, they’ll say. So what if they think women should stay home and have babies. So what if they want the right to shoot someone they feel threatened by. So what if they think I’m a “Libtard.” I watched the entire Cohen Hearing and was gob-smacked by how openly feral the right has become. It’s one thing when an under-educated white guy wearing a Confederate acts that way, but when you have elected officials so blind to their behaviour they think being mean and rude will garner votes, you know we’re close to the end. Presidents and PM’s under investigation, corporate CEO’s finding new ways to horde their fortunes and corporations fighting to slow social change. We struggle with environmental vs economic implications, work vs family, and truth vs fabrications just like everyone else. In the future we’ll all look back from our underground bunkers and think “It sure was a great day for shareholders.” Me? I think I’ll need a bigger shovel.
Mb. Keep the faith