Mb Speaks: March 2018

Mb Speaks

Spring? Is that you? While putting this issue together I’m looking out the window to see shoots in the garden and buds on the branches. I have to admit, there’s something always inspiring when the winter weather turns to spring. But the end of February? That’s just not right. And just like last year, the warmth will trick the plants and then the cold will come again. For some greens they only get one shot. It’s this kind of weather that will be responsible for massive crop failures in the future. And when I say massive… speaking of Greens, Ptbo Greens have acclaimed a candidate for the 2018 provincial election. Grainne Broughton will stand for Peterborough – Kawartha Greens. I’ll be helping out with the campaign and at times reminiscing back to the days I crafted my own speeches. The great thing about standing for the Greens? You don’t imagine being elected, so you get to tell the truth. It’s really about sharing ideas, ideas that come from Global Greens who all want the same thing. Snow in February when it should be there! Speaking of being there, thanks to everyone who came to see Bowie Lives at Market Hall last month. We managed to fill more seats than our debut last year, work out the bugs in our new multi-media show and faithfully perform some of the coolest music out there. Having fronted a number of shows over the years, the crowds and Bowie fans that turn out to our shows have been some of the best. David wasn’t for everyone and those who drawn to him, tend to be some of the most interesting, if I do say so myself… speaking of the self, don’t forget to take care out it, Saturday March 17 as throngs of Irish and wannabee Irish take to the streets to wear green from China, drink way too much and spill something on you. For those who know me, they know I’m not a big fan of the day. Surprised? To me it represents that cruel hand of the Catholic Church driving the earth sciences underground. Word is, Patrick was a bit of a sociopath and had more than one Druid priest put to the flame. Then the celebration. Hmmm. Anyway, I get it. A chance to drink and have fun with friends. A chance to wear those furry fluorescent green ear muffs you found at the dollar store. A chance to squeeze into a busy pub and order some Guinness. A chance to mix so many different drinks together…. And after the vomit has passed, a chance for someone to say “I told you so.”

Mb. Keep the faith.