Mb Speaks June 2019

Mb Speaks

So summer made it, sort of. Lots of people dealing with flooding and soggy soil. Farmers are having problems getting the seed in the ground. No seed, no food, no people, no hope. Lucky for many climate change deniers, they get their food from a bag or a box, that has been pressed from a mould. We’ve all seen that YouTube video where they try to light a piece of bread on fire and when it doesn’t burn, they wonder what they’re eating. Well, we’ve all been eating wood-dust for decades without knowing it. The American FDA actually suggested it is a safe food and part of the building blocks of good health. What a world. Speaking of wood-dust, I’ve been sanding up the Bowie show and with the addition of film-maker and long time buddy JC Velvet (not his real name) you’re guaranteed to some wild visuals when I bring The Bowie Lives back to Peterborough next year. Or, you can drive for hours to see us in Toronto or Cornwall or… Fenelon Falls where we’ll be playing their annual ride for Sight Festival. I’ve been invited to ride in the front of the pack for their annual parade, leaving Stouffville and ending up in Fenelon Fair Grounds. Word is, after decades, it’s quite a train so you may want to stay off the roads between 9:30 and 11am June 15. Speaking of staying off the road, let’s all keep the drinking and driving down to zero this summer. As traffic thickens and people race to the next cooler, it gets more dangerous out there. Remember our slogan, Just Drink. Don’t Drive. Speaking of driving, I’d like to welcome Jeff Goldstein to the Wire as our new sales solicitor. So if you’ve got a business, look forward to a visit from Jeff as he greases palms all over town. I’d also like to welcome long time acquaintance Joe Stable to the editorial team. Joe is a visionary, businessman and avende garde guru who knows more about the local art scene than anyone. He’s literally one of its creators. I’d also like to take a moment to thank all the readers who, without you, we’d have no advertisers, who I’d also like to thank, because without you, we’d have no printer, who I’d also like to thank, because without you, we’d have no paper. See how that works? The circle of life. Now for a drink.
Mb. Keep the faith