Mb Speaks: June 2018

Mb Speaks

Ah June, in like a lion. That’s the last time I’ll complain about a chilly spring. Whoosh, it’s already hurricane season down south and I’m a bit anxious as to what kind of weather we’re going to see this summer. Windy and wet I bet. Speaking of windy, I’ve been told there’s an election looming. June 7 as a matter of fact. Once again we’ll go to the polls and decide who’s going to screw up the economy, borrow too much money and waste tax payers dollars. As some of you may know, I’ve been steeped in politics for the last decade, having led the Greens in and out of more than one election. This time around I’m not so vested, having stepped down over the past year to concentrate on my music. So I’m not going to say much, other than to those who may be considering a vote for the PC. Like south of the border, there’s a real wide gap between the parties, both ideologically and politically. Like the US Republicans, it seems the right has anointed a questionable character; Doug Ford. Though 1$ beer sounds like a great idea, I’m not sure how he thinks we’ll fund our health care, schools and roads. It seems Conservatives always have the populist talking points but none of the practical solutions. In short, I urge you to vote anything but. And that’s all I’ll say about that. Speaking of anything else, here comes festival season. Deja Vu! Like clockwork, tents are erected, bands warm up and vendors palm their mobile credit card readers. Last month Transition Town staged another Dandelion Day festival at Millennium Park. The weather held out, and hippies of all ages showed up to re-enforce their belief in wellness and community spirit. Kudos. Speaking of spirits, I’ll be channeling David Bowie throughout Ontario this summer and hope to run into a few of you at venues far away because being a rockstar sure beats losing another election.

Mb. Keep the faith.