Mb Speaks: July 2019

Mb Speaks

So it snowed in Mexico. More like ice and hail, but whatever it was, it wasn’t right. I know some climate change denier will say, that stuff happens and it’s just the natural change of things. They’re most often the folks that point to snow in subtropical climates and quip “So much for global warming.” These people are going to be the death of us all. Believe me. Speaking of dying, here’s hoping North Korea doesn’t start something, or Iran decides it isn’t going to be pushed around anymore. I’m now convinced Trump just says this stuff to make the stock market react. The price of gold has been steadily rising as the US dollars dips and you know who’s been buying up the gold? The Russians and the Chinese, that’s who. And once the American Fed lowers interest rates, get ready. Throw in a war or two, increased tariffs against China, and you’ve got the excuse for another great economic crash. It’s coming, so anyone investing in commodities that do well in good times, dump the stock fast. Speaking of good times, I walked in this year’s Toronto Pride Parade with the Greens. It was my first time, and it was a blast. So much energy and love coming from those lining the streets to watch. Not to mention all those who walked with their group. Too many corporate “floats” IMO, but I suppose you have to pay for the parade somehow. Speaking of parades, it was another great Canada Day parade, or so I heard. I was in the office kicking out these last few thoughts before I sent this to press, but I could hear it from my chair; the cheers, the drums, the whistles. I’ve decided parades are good. They give some people a chance to show off and other people a chance to do nothing at all, but watch. You have a chance to express yourself all along the route. It’s sort of like a Facebook time-line, except you can’t block or unfollow anyone. And those 8 people that walked for the Conservative Party during Pride? While all the other national and Ontario leaders led the way, lending their support to the LGBTQ community, the Canadian wing of the Republican party stayed home. I get that they wouldn’t feel welcome, so why show up where you’re not wanted? We’ll just wait until they’re all outed on twitter anyway.
Mb. Keep the rainbow