Mb Speaks: July 2018

Mb Speaks

Hot enough for you? Hello July, here to remind us it’s not really the heat, but the humidity. Stifling, I’ve hear old people call it. So as people run from air conditioned cars to air conditioned offices to air conditioned houses, others aren’t so fortunate and take to hanging out in malls or going to movies. And then there’s the folks who have next to no resources. Thankfully we have the Warming Room’s super cool cousin One Roof, providing a space to get the sweat under control. Me, I’ve always been a fan of the heat. The outback in Australia at 40c was bearable as long as I found some shade. But when it gets hot, it’s motorcycle life. All you cars be cool, as there are more on the road. This month, I’m off to Dover for Friday 13th, and Wasaga Motorcycle Rally the weekend after, already hit Bobcaygeon Bikefest…. Now that Downtown Terry Guiel has a sweet ride, seems like a simple addition to add a show and shine to the summer’s downtown calendar. These events make scads of cash for the local economy. Wasaga’s was started by their Mayor! Anyway, speaking of fun, I have a new musical act. Canuck Rocks; A tribute to Canadian Rock debuted to a rousing reception Canada Day at the Social. It’s all Canadian hits, 5 singers, obvious… I’m hoping some Air Force General will throw us on a midnight plane to Kandahar so I can play a set or two for the troops. Just like shipping donuts from Timmie’s… Speaking of donuts, I can’t believe Doug Ford is now our premier. Well I guess I can. Not because he espouses a popular, though populist, message, but because the vast majority of people see themselves as progressives, lefties, or liberals or centrists or greens. All divided. All playing party politics. I was chastised once by Elizabeth May for my comment in the national press after saying ‘It should be country before party.” Imagine. South of the border? don’t even get me started….

Mb. Keep the faith.