Mb Speaks: JANUARY 2018

Mb Speaks

Well that was better. After the most depressing November, December panned out to be both inspiring and uplifting. There was of course “The Season.” Not always great, but for me this year, painless. Saw family, gained pounds, watched little kids giggle. It was all the things you imagine a Disney Christmas film would be like. It even had a puppy! And New Year’s Eve? I had, possibly, the best night yet with my show Bowie Lives. We played on Queen St. in Toronto to a small packed house and shared a stage an 1/8 of the size we’ve been used to. It was fantastic to feel that “bar band” vibe with everyone tight in and trying to be careful not to bump into the other guy. There’s a real band comradery you get from that and something you don’t feel when you’re 20 feet away from the next guy. We rocked the place and took away some solid excitement for gigs to come. Speaking of gigs to come, allow me a shameless plug for our appearance at Market Hall in February. Tickets are already selling and we’re pumped to be presenting our new multi-media show. We’ll also have some new tunes. Speaking of new tunes, I have to learn a few more for my trips to Cuba. I’ve been singing Sway (Quien Sera) with the same bands for almost 10 years, and last month’s return was no different. What was different though, was what I took away from Cuba this time. Upon my return I vowed to be more like the Cuban people. With adversity staring them in the face, they remain warm and optimistic. Need a hug? Go to Cuba. Want to see how people repair, reuse and re-purpose? Go to Cuba. The poster nation for how the world needs to value its possessions, Cuba stands as a minimalist’s paradise. I met someone who said they’d lived all around the world and Cubans were his favourite. He’d been over 200 times. We both agreed, over many glasses of Rum, that one of the things that made Cuba inspiring, was its respect and love of the arts. A culture that aspires to dance, paint, sculpt and sing. A culture where the gift an artist can offer, is appreciated regardless of where it happens. The way it should be. I’m going back in a few days. So next issue might be thin too…

Mb, Keep the faith.