Mb Speaks January 2020

Mb Speaks

Welcome to 2020 and the year The Wire Megazine officially goes up for sale. Yep, you read me right. After 30 years of pushing paper and killing trees, I’m looking for a way out. I’ve had tire kickers over the years. I’ve had corporations try to buy me out but the deal always included me working for them and you can imagine that wasn’t very appealing. I’ve had people talk about buying the paper and then go out on their own, only to lose a bunch of money and disappear into the fog. I’ve had those who worked with me and thought the paper wouldn’t survive without them, but as you can see, I’m still standing. Thing is, I don’t really have the time any more to do it justice. Though I’ve maintained a good readership and steady ad base, I haven’t thought to expand the mag in years and it needs new eyes and efforts. So if you know anyone… I don’t want to see it disappear because I still believe it serves a valuable service to the community. That said, without the push to grow, I lack the extra pages for the in-depth journalism we used to do and the extra pages that allowed us cover more of the local scene; musicians and artists, politics and business. Now everything feels like a sound bite. Someone with vision could really take advantage of the decades’ old brand and the readers that have taken it home for years. Readers who started turning its pages when they were 20 and are now 50. It’s crazy to think how fast the time has flown by. I know everyone I talk with feels the same way. An old business acquaintance once asked me how old I thought I’d be when I finally sat down. I thought 80 would be a good run. He took out a tape measure and showed me what 80 inches looked like. Then he showed me how many inches I’d already traveled and how many I might have left. It wasn’t much, slightly more than a Subway offering. That’s why I blew the dust of my music career. Even though I may be close to the end of my run, I’m going to go out the way I came in; as a musician. In the meantime, I decided to take advantage of all that investment and put myself on the cover. I mean, why not? Though it’s awfully self serving, I thought I’d better take advantage before I’m no longer the boss. So soon, when the right person comes along I will “pass the torch.” Here’s hoping I don’t get burnt in the hand off…
Mb. Shifting the faith