Mb Speaks: January 2019

Mb Speaks

Ok, month number one of the new year; 2019. What can we expect? Well on the world stage, more unrest in the Middle East, as Trump continues to say, out loud, whatever comes into his head. That will breed further insecurities on the market, and pension funds will lose money, as well people’s savings. Interest rates will go up to “curb inflation.” Gas prices will continue to tease us with lower prices, putting pressure on Petro economies like Canada’s. Especially watch for a further collapse of Venezuela’s economy and a possible showdown between the US and Russia over Russia’s desire to drop a military base within Venezuela’s border. This will probably trigger another Stock Market tanking, with Trump finally being able to do the job the GOP elected him to do; be the fall guy for the next recession. Oh it’s coming and it’s going to be a big one. Word on the street, at press time, is that Deutsche Bank is vulnerable, and as the world biggest bank.. well, you remember 2008 don’t you? Speaking of remembering things, I hope everyone ushered in the New Year with the traditional cheer, beers and kisses. For me, it’s always a time when I try to imagine the things I want to get done in the year ahead. Learn some more Spanish, play some more cool gigs, go on some adventures and invest in my well being. Because every year I get a little closer the hour of midnight and there’s just so much left to do. Boy I’m sounding old! But one thing I’ve realized, it’s all about time management. Finding time for your work, your family, the things you want to start, the things you want to finish and things you want to convince yourself to put off. Time to watch a great film, or read a bad book or time to do nothing at all. “A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;” a time to listen to the Bryds again! A friend of mine once asked me for a tape measure. “How old do you think you’ll make it to?” he asked. I said “Eighty would be a good run.” He measured out 80 inches on the floor. ‘How old are you now?” “57” I responded. “Well,” he said “You’ve got 23 inches left.” I’ve been respecting the 1/4 inch ever since.
Mb. Keep the New Year