February 2020

Mb Speaks

So some of you may be reading February’s issue early. Why’s that? Because as you turn the pages I’m down under in Australia visiting friends, assessing fires, and drinking too much Ausie beer. If it’s Sunday I’ll be sitting at Rod Laver Arena watching the only sport I like, tennis. Any other day I may be taking in an infinite beach (as pictured above) or riding a Harley along the coast of Tasmania. I could be meeting up with old band mates from Melbourne or watching some penguins make their way to the ocean on Phillip Island. I may even be visiting the Twelve Apostles again, or Bell’s Beach, both just a short drive from our namesake Peterborough, Victoria. One thing’s for certain, I’ll be reminded of what happens when the oceans warm up and create weather systems that dump hail on one part of the country while denying another rain for months on end. The day before I left, I shoveled slush from my driveway, in January. Climate change is real, and there’s no denying it. Sadly, flying 16,000 km from Toronto to Melbourne isn’t going to help the situation. But while there, I’ll try not to increase my carbon footprint any more than necessary. I’ll also do my best to avoid catching some death threatening virus or being bitten by a deadly spider. Can’t make any promises about wine drinking though…
Mb. Flying the Faith