Mb Speaks: February 2019

Mb Speaks

Brrrr… Have you been hearing from Climate Change skeptics asking where the global warming went? Even America’s idiot President suggested he “Sure did miss it!” I remember back in the 70’s growing up as a teen and people were saying we were going to see some interesting times ahead. And yet, we did very little. We continued to fill the atmosphere with greenhouse gases and prop up the oil and gas industry. Now we discuss how best to move people off South Pacific Islands or marvel at the intensity of the last storm. Here, we take it in stride because we’re not seeing the real devastation; Puerto Rico, a rare tornado in Havana. We’re like crack-heads, trying to come off the fumes; it’s everywhere and so easy to get. And on a day when it’s -25 I can just burn it and burn it. We really need an alternative, and fast. Speaking of alternatives and oil, Venezuela. It’s a mess. Once South America’s economic jewel, it has devolved into chaos with people scrounging the streets to find food. What happened? Well, despite what the MSM will suggest, it has everything to do with becoming an economy tied to the value of a barrel of oil. At one time, when its value was at an all time high, Chavez took the revenue and spent it building schools and hospitals and infrastructure, never thinking the money would run out. Now with oil at 48$/barrel, well you can see where this going. Straight down. They can thank the Saudis for refusing to adhere to production controls and flooding the market. Canada is another one of those countries relying on energy extraction. Think it can’t happen here? Think again. Ok, enough doom. It’s February! That means Valentines! I’ll be spending mine performing at the luxurious Couples Resort in Algonquin Park. One of my favourite gigs. While I’m not playing, I’ll be enjoying their luxury accommodations and unwinding before a roaring fire. It will be just the rest I’ll need after spending next week back in Cuba! That’s right. I’m dipping into the children’s inheritance once again to play on la playa, swig rum like a pirate and push my way onto every stage I can find. You can hate me if you want. Viva la revolution!
Mb. Keep the Love