Mb Speaks: Feb 2018

Mb Speaks

So January was fun. I spent most of it, once again, taking in some sun and rum and copious amounts of Cuban music. I just can’t get enough of that cowbell! This time, I think I may have made some serious inroads, having connected with a new band and making plans to promote some bigger shows on the south end of the island. I’ve got my eyes on The Santiago de Cuba International Jazz festival for next January, and I plan on being on that stage! Closer to home, my Bowie Lives show is finding it’s legs with a number of dates across Ontario ahead of us. Some clubs, some theatres… most excited to be back at Market Hall Saturday February 17th and debuting our new multimedia extravaganza. Ironic how, when mapping out the show’s staging, so many textures and effects are reminiscent of the production “ChangesAllBowie” I staged decades ago. Either I can’t come up with anything new, or some things are timeless. I like to imagine the later. This time however, I won’t be relying on overhead projectors, food colouring and oil, and shadow puppets! Ah technology. Got to love it… sometimes. Speaking of technology I find myself spending more and more time in front of a computer as I try to accomplish more and more things. With phones in my pockets, desktop and laptop humming, multitasking has taken on a new dynamic. Render a film on one, swamp social media on others, communicate with the world…. things moved so much slower in the “old days.” My visits to the land of 50 Chev’s and 28k modems has sure reminded me of that. And speaking of social media, thanks to Camille Parent who reached out to me through Facebook to sing some songs on a cold Friday night and “Stand with Tim.” A fantastic fundraiser, Deputy police chief Tim Farquharson thought it would be a good idea to stand outside in the cold, take donations and raise awareness for our much needed shelters. A number of other musicians chanced frost bitten fingers to make some noise and spectacle out front The Wolf. Tim told me that night, he expected to raise $1000. In the end over $10k showed up! Kudos to all the organizers and those who dropped down to keep Tim company through the night. I’m looking forward to next year and more bands stepping up, to see the music continue through the night. And speaking of stepping up, Peterborough Greens stage their AGM this month. It’s their chance to pick a candidate for the upcoming provincial election. It’s bitter sweet that I won’t be throwing my hat into the ring this time around, as I continue to step back from many of my community duties so I can focus on my music. It’s a wonder I still get this magazine to the printer on time! Three years into my five year business plan to shed myself of all things Peterborough, I’m on track to be returning to the land down under in 2020 and singing my way across the country for a few months, only to return to Canada and take advantage of the circuit I’ve been building over the last few years. And once The Wire is sold or shelved, I’ll be truly singing for my dinner! Hope I don’t lose my voice!

Mb. Keep the faith.