Mb Speaks: December 2018

Mb Speaks

Question. Where did 2018 go? Is it just me or is time speeding up? Eternal question, I suppose. I remember when a day seemed to last forever, especially if you didn’t like what you were doing. Remember sitting in high-school staring at the clock, convinced it was going backwards? Now it seems I just wake up, get to work and before I know it, the day’s over. Maybe I should start doing things I don’t like. That might slow things down. Nah. Life’s too short, and I guess that’s the point. So Christmas. It’s back. I’ve written a few Christmas editorials over the decades and when I look back, I can’t help but notice my evolution. When I was young I thought it was just a tasteless corporate grab, convincing people to spend beyond their limits. I thought it was all about materialism and proving your love for others with shiny things. Then as I got older, I started to see how it could be a great excuse to get together with people you don’t normally see and laugh at gag gifts, drink rum and eat until it hurt. Now, as I move into my “twilight years” I sit back, and it pretty much takes care of itself. At least, that’s how it seems. With so many wee ones under foot these days, I’m just a objective observer. And not to deter anyone from getting super excited about putting up the Christmas tree, or hanging the wreathe on the door or making sure the lights all match. I think it’s great that we have the distraction sometimes. Remember when we were kids? Dropping hints to family and friends, favourite colours and kits? This was the month you’d start wondering whether you were naughty or nice. It was a good chance for parents to hang some accountability, and teach kids about blackmail too! It’s when we learnt, we’d better behave or a chunk of coal awaits us. Or so they say. Usually it was a time for forgiveness. Despite what an ass you’d been all year, some one remembered to get you that science set. Ya, I guess Christmas is OK. And for other cultures finding their reason to celebrate the Winter Solstice, I hope it’s good for them too. So when we’re out there walking around this season, drop a buck on a panhandler, or leave a big tip, or it might just be a rock in a sock for you…

Mb. Keep the festive faith.