Mb Speaks: August 2019

Mb Speaks

It’s August, and like all things, Summer, too, will come to an end. But before it does there are weeks ahead to enjoy what the warmth of the sun offers. More great shows at Musicfest, Havelock Jamboree, Peterborough Folk Festival, every outdoor or backyard party, wedding or reunion, all praying for good weather. No rain, warm sun, that’s what everyone wants. You’d think with all that collective wishing, we’d be guaranteed. Too bad things don’t work that way. Rather, the world is chaos. It sometimes snows in the summer and rains in the winter. One day the sun is shining and then next day you’re in the dark without electricity. The world throws stuff at us for no other reason than it can. Friends gathered last month to say goodbye to a local personality and friend of the community Charlene “Charlie” Earle. Her sudden and untimely passing just another reminder that we’re all just borrowing our time here on terra firma. There’s no time to try and change the things we’ve done and so very little time ahead to imagine what’s next. All we can ever do, is look today straight in the face and say, today is like everyday. Full of challenges and rewards, victories and defeats, brutality and empathy. Sigh. That said, now’s the time to drink all of everyday’s beer. Cheers.
Mb. Keep the Faith