Mb Speaks: August 2018

Mb Speaks

A few weeks ago, I attended a celebration of life. A large gathering of Peterborough’s music alumni who came to say goodbye to Buzz Thompson. Buzz was an icon in the community and one of those guys who lived the life he wanted, as a musician. Not an easy life, and perhaps if he’d of been a store clerk, he’d still be with us. But from the day I met Buzz, some 35 years ago, I knew he was the real deal… Everyone has fond memories. “We’ll all see you on the flip side Buzz!”… Other than that, it’s been a good summer for me so far. Some motorcycle meet-ups, a hot Friday the 13th in Dover. Been to the cottage, the beach, and lots of outdoor music. I was even asked to co-host Howard Jones’ show at Crary Park with my buddy Terry Guiel. It was sponsor appreciation night and I was allowed to “appreciate” The Wire in the opening remarks! I had my picture taken, just Me and Mr. Jones and my friends enjoyed front row seats. Thanks Musicfest!. But have you ever spoken in front of thousands of people, gone off script and made a dumb joke and then immediately thought “Stupid brain!!” You see, as I was reading the list of the night’s other sponsors, I made a joke about Scotia Bank. It wasn’t too bad, other than to have suggested “Oh, they are just a bank!” In my mind, it was to flippantly quip, “Oh, and the King and Queen are here too!” I thought it’d be funny to take a gentle swipe at big business, as I often do, but once it left my mouth… long and short, it was very unfair of me. It was their night too, and I just rode over it with little consideration, akin to a celebrity roast without knowing you’re being roasted! Anyway, I don’t know if they’ll ever read this, but I’d like to apologize and let them know, their involvement in the community is much appreciated. They don’t have to, (and they know it) but they do, and I commend them for it. (And to be clear, no one has asked me to write this.) So, if you see anyone from the bank, let them know the community appreciates their help and continued support, and sometimes….. I’m an idiot.
Mb. Keep the faith.