Mb Speaks: August 2017

Michael Bell

Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve just committed yourself to too many things in life? Doesn’t even have to be physical commitments like helping a friend move, could just be the mental challenge of juggling so many ideas and opinions and social decorum, exhausting. I’ve always been that guy. Thinking I could do way more in an allotted time, then I could. Sure I’d pull it off, but it might cost me some valuable family/sleep time or worse, I do an embarrassing job. Perhaps I’ve tried to learn too many things in life. Not sure why, curiosity I suppose. I liked art and music when I was a kid, basically looking and listening. “Doing” exposed itself as paintings and bands. This magazine is an extension of that kind of thinking. It’s sort of like the craft-books I put together in grade school that were filled with pictures of musicians, pretty girls and dinosaurs. Getting into business was just a way to try to pay for it. I guess I’m thinking that when I was younger and I got involved in so many different ways, I never envisioned them growing from “thoughtful seedlings” to “imposing trees.” Now, decades later, and some of my “dreams” I find myself wanting to step away. Why? Because I dream of not being responsible for anything! Nothing. Come with me will you? Close your eyes and imagine… No making promises to do things. No schedule. No emails or calls. Get up when you want. Go to sleep when ever. Think of nothing. Listen to no one. Say nothing…….
But alas, try that and you’ll end up in the psychiatric wing of your favourite hospital. I had a friend who tried. Didn’t work out so well for them. It seems, there’s no place in life for doing nothing. And in the end, time is most valuable, and its currency only rises with age so I take on new challenges, like the poster child for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, I launch a new career path, grow an old one and plant a few new seeds. When I put this paper to the printer, I’ll begin producing another publication, one that has to do with food. Because of years of helping shine the light on local food, it grows into the need for a little book of its own, from the “thoughtful seedling…” Maybe that’s what it is, it’s that warm feeling you have when you watch ideas grow up. At first your ideas are little and they’re ignored and told to wait their turn. Then as they grow up people start to notice. “Good idea” they say. Then people want to see more of your ideas, so your ideas have to get bigger and better… all that time. But then as your ideas become more mature, they start evolving on their own and others come around to take your ideas out on dates. “Don’t worry” they say, “Everything is under control.” But it’s hard, isn’t it? Just to turn away or hang out on the sideline, always spotting, always watching that no one hurts your ideas. Because it’s taken years for you and your friends to grow your ideas, so they’ll stand straight and on their own. The best? Your ideas become spectacles. Big ideas, with lots of freaks and weirdos. Successes! Ok, where was I going with all of this? Oh ya, the Purple Onion Festival..

Mb. Keep the faith