Mb Speaks: April 2019

Mb Speaks

The April Fool. Once thought to have planted their crop according to the new Gregorian calendar. “In like a lamb out like a lion” and all the seedlings… lost to frost. This month has felt like that, with the passing of some old acquaintances. But, I won’t go there. Instead, I’ll turn my gaze forward and look forward to the spring and all the new opportunities it has to offer. When wildlife roams freely, and the hint of promiscuity intoxicates the youth. Spring. All about coming out. Being outside and marveling in what is the cycle of life. The world is an ever changing thing and our footprint is so small, yet so great, all measured by the clock. As a society and community we transport ourselves decades ahead, rarely imagining the lifestyle our great grandchildren, 15 times removed, will encounter. I’m committed to believe we can only do and support what is obviously good about the world, right now. It’s incredible diversity of ideas and colours, species and genera. #AllLifematters In that we have memories of those who were lost, personally and as a community, and be thankful we had a chance to be among them. So here’s to Spring. And all its dog poop, emerging trash, salty-sandy roads and last minute dump of snow… Mb. Keep the faith