Mb Speaks: April 2018

Mb Speaks

Ok, I’m only going to say this once, but I’m taking my lead from Randy Wright this month and want to comment on the city spending 500,000$ on a sign welcoming people to Peterborough. In all fairness, we also got a new slogan and a logo; some wavy blue lines and a moniker that was one word less than the one we’d already decided was totally unimaginative. And by ‘We” I mean the vast number of people who voted or voiced their opinion through social media. So, instead of being ‘The Electric City” a by-line that proudly acknowledged our place in Canadian history, we are now “Outside the Ordinary.” The original pitch was “Living Outside the Ordinary” which my brain thought “Don’t they mean ‘Where the Ordinary Live Outside?’” At first council didn’t like it, but after a rousing re-pitch, we get one less word and a $77,000 bill for services rendered. Maybe I’m a bit confused, given that over the last 30 years I’ve designed dozens of business logos for under a $1k, I can’t for the life of me imagine how someone could justify 77 times the cost. Ok, set aside the fleecing of tax payers, let’s consider what $500,000 would have done in the community. Peterborough, has one of the strongest volunteer sectors of any town its size. Why? Because government is failing us. Having volunteered for decades, I see the same people day after day fighting the good fight, struggling to help those less fortunate, and personally, I find this kind of money waste a slap in the face. At a time when so many social nets are faltering, this kind of fiscal flaunting is disgusting, IMO. I’m sure I’m going to make a few enemies spouting off about this; those that were on the receiving end of the cheque made payable and those who might think “It’s brilliant!” Personally, I. Don’t. Care. Really. And I’m not the only one thinking it. It’s just this kind of “Yesterday’s approach” that leaves Peterborough struggling to attract progressive businesses and attract entrepreneurs. Does anyone at City Hall really think “Blue Bacon” (thanks for that one Kearnsy) is going to do anything to address the problems this city faces? To hear it was a unanimous vote in favour, well let’s just say, I’m questioning the talent pool in city chambers, now, more than ever. I could go on but I’m sure it’s bad for me. Because I’d like to imagine that my hometown is being steered by forward thinkers and innovators, not representatives so bored they just nod in agreeance. Could be worse I suppose. It could be America.

Mb. Keep the faith.