Mb Speaks: May 2017

Dear May,
It’s good to see you. I’ve been nervous lately about Donald Trump thinking about attacking North Korea. May? I don’t think he gets it. It could have all started in April. Anyway, we made it. So how are you? I know, just getting started. April tricked me last when I got my motorcycle out because I thought it was going to be warm. Is it May? Are you going to be warm? Not too warm though because that will mean bad weather for someone else. Just warm enough for people to stop shivering. I’m looking forward to you May. You know why? Well lots of things. I have lots of gigs including a residency! I know what you’re thinking. It’s been 30 years since I committed to a single venue. Usually I like to get out of town as quick as possible! haha Plus some other solo shows and I’m pretty booked up . Things are going good with the Bowie Show too. Had a great show in April. Ya I know I don’t have a show in you this month, but June will. We’ll be in Kingston. Don’t worry I’ll have a show “for May” next year. Ya life is good, except for Donald Trump. I wake up early every morning and check twitter to see if something has happened while I was sleeping. I know, you think I’m paranoid. Anyway, I’m try to help educate Trump supports through social media and possibly save them from themselves. Favourite moment? When I follow a fascist and they follow me back. I should get one of those apps that show who unfollows me, then I can troll them. haha But really, I’m worried. What if there was no more May? I mean, there will also be a May but what if you’re “toxic.” Anyway, what else have you been up to? April never wrote me a letter last month. Are you going to? Seems like all I do is sit here pouring myself out, revealing my worries and fears, and from you May? Well, we’ll see. How do you like your cover this month? Ailie Robertson. She’s a harpist from Scotland that gets to tour the world playing her harp and travelling. I can’t wait until that’s me again. What else, family is good, though I’ve had a few friends with family members struggling with health issues. You know me. I’ve always been the optimistic one when it comes to my health. All about the food, not that you haven’t heard that before. Speaking of which I’m looking forward to all the herbs you’ll push out of the ground. That’s one great thing about you. Unless you rain too much and then you can get to be a real *. I won’t say, just in case Donald Trump drops a bomb and you’re not around next year. I wouldn’t want that on my conscience. I’m going to Ottawa do a gig and see all the tulips. It will be just like Holland except not. Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner too. You know I’m not a big fan of St Patrick’s day, but the excuse to drink tequila and imagine I’m in Mexico? I’ll take it, even if it is just commemorating Mexicans kicking the French’s ass in battle. Freedom fighters I say! St. Patrick? Not so much. I’ve got some special family birthdays in you as well, May. Each year, everyone of us gets older. Some come into their prime and some are leaving their’s. Just the way it is. That’s why I’ve been thinking the most valuable thing in life is time. Not gold, not fame, not wealth. Because with time you can find all of those things. The opposite isn’t true. Ya, I’m thinking about time a lot. Wishing I had more. Wondering if I’ve waited to long to do all of things I wanted to do. Don’t think I could climb a mountain anymore or become a rocket scientist. Not enough time to get good at those things. Anyway, seems like I’ve spent a lot of time here writing to you May. I got to go and get other things done. June just called and wants to know who’s on the cover…

Your’s Truly Mb, Keep the faith.