Ah! Centre Wants to Hear from You

Our Future in the Time of COVID-19

Mission Statement:

Ah! Arts and Heritage Centre, in partnership with the community, enriches the quality of life for area residents of all ages by presenting art forms and heritage exhibitions, creative learning opportunities, sharing artistic performances, while guiding advancement of the arts and furthering knowledge in celebration of heritage.

Who we are:

The Ah! Centre is located at the historic Memorial Hall, 35 Church St. in downtown Warkworth.  It offers visual and performing art and heritage programs for residents of all ages throughout Trent Hills, and beyond with an understanding of our intangible cultural heritage. Our public events and exhibitions have reached a broad audience including tourists, family visitors, friends and supporters from the wider world.  We’ve featured numerous exhibits, hosted talks and provided interactive educational programs to our local schools.  This experience is offered free to the public.

Our next steps: AH! wants to hear from you and how you can help:

Our yearly Variety Show (Fundraiser) and pop up exhibitions at the Maple Syrup Festival, the Lilac Festival, and the Percy Agricultural Fair were all important sources to promote and generate revenue/donations to keep the centre operating.  COVID-19 has halted that income stream to the centre.

Ah! is an organization run by volunteers.  We are a not for profit community benefit arts and heritage organization run by a volunteer Board.  All our day to day activities are carried out by volunteers.  It is important now for us to determine the ability to attract volunteers.  We will need volunteers.   

The pandemic and the subsequent “program pause” has left the Board of Directors with one major question for our community: is there still a need for an arts and heritage organisation in Trent Hills?  We want to hear from you.  Please take a few minutes to tell us what you think, and how you may be able to support us either by volunteering, making a contribution or by any other means.  Kindly send us a note at info@ahcentre.ca by September 21st.  We value your opinion and appreciate your time.”