Peterborough, ON – The Board of Directors of the Electric City Culture Council (EC3) is pleased to announce that more than $100,000 has been donated to the Peterborough Arts Alive Fund to support its program of COVID-19 Strategic Response and Resiliency Grants.  This grant program will provide financial support to local arts organizations who have been impacted by facility closures, loss of box office revenue, fundraising, sales, sponsorships, rentals and other income, due to pandemic lockdowns.  The arts sector has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis and EC3 is both proud of, and grateful for, the extraordinary contributions made to the Fund in support of this response, recovery and resiliency initiative. 

The Peterborough Arts Alive Fund was launched with a key donation and ongoing fundraising support from art lover and Trent University educator Deborah Berrill, and is hosted by the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough (CFGP), who also so kindly contributed to the fundraising campaign efforts.  The City of Peterborough provided a generous and deeply appreciated contribution of $40,0000 to the Fund.  EC3 also extends a big thank you to the Peterborough Performing Arts Recovery Alliance for their support in this fundraising project.

“Our deepest appreciation and gratitude go out to all of the donors who have made this happen, with gifts both large and small.  It takes all of us to support our artists and arts organizations, and the success of this appeal demonstrates the strength of support for the arts all across our community.” –Su Ditta, EC3 Executive Director

“I contacted EC3, wondering what I might be able to do to support our wonderful Peterborough area artists whose livelihoods depend on live audiences and people visiting galleries. We knew then that we would all be in for the long haul, but few of us suspected just how long this would go on and just how deep the impact would be for various segments of our community.  These funds send a strong message to our wonderful area artists that we treasure their contribution to our lives.” —Deborah Berrill, Educator and Arts Supporter

Details on the grant program and how to apply will be available shortly.