Interview: Genevieve Fisher

Genevieve Fisher has earned 6 top 50 national country hits. Her last two, “Take It On Home” and “You Me We” climbed into Canada’s top 20 and top 30 respectively. Genevieve has continued to expand her influence on the Canadian Country Music scene earning Female Artist of the Year nominations at the 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Country Music Association of Ontario Music Awards. She has been recognized by the Canadian Country Music Association with her prestigious CCMA performance selection at the 2012 New Artist Showcase in Saskatoon as well as performing in the prestigious Songwriters Series in 2016. Genevieve has had the opportunity to perform at some of the biggest music festivals in Canada including Lucknow Music In The Fields, Manitoulin Country Fest, Trackside and Aboriginal Day Live. Added to this list are opening performances for stars such as Hunter Hayes, Lee Brice, David Nail, Dean Brody and Great Big Sea….

Mb: Hey Genevieve, how are you?
Genevieve: I’m good how are you?
Mb: I’m good, thanks. So, I see you were in Grand Bend last night performing.
Genevieve: I was.
Mb: And now you have a day off?
Genevieve: Ya, and this weekend off and then it gets busy again.
Mb: I see that. How do you like the live experience?
Genevieve: I love it. I love it so much. When I’m on stage, it’s my time to just do what I love to do. Some people might call it a job, but but when i’m up on stage it’s just great.
Mb: At what point in life did you realize you wanted to have people watch you do your thing?
Genevieve: Gosh, i was pretty young. I just loved being on stage and singing. It’s my way to express myself and what’s inside of me. So, I feel like, when I was really young I always loved to be on stage. I still get the jitters. I still get butterflies before I go on. I love the fact that I still get nervous, because, in my opinion,Ii feel if you don’t get nervous… I don’t know, I think it’s a good thing. (laughs)
Mb: And you’re still in the ealy days of your career, and as you continue the stakes are getting higher.
Genevieve: Exactly. It’s been great. A busy summer for sure.
Mb: I see yo work with other songwriters, Patricia Conroy for instance. I interviewed her last year and she told me that she was working with a lot of promising new voices. I guess you are one of them!
Genevieve: Ya, it’s crazy! I love Patricia. There’s just somethjing about her that makes you feel so welcome. She’s an amazing songwriter. She’s a legend here in Canada. She’s that kind of person that even when you don’t see her for a long time, and you bump into her somewhere, it feels like you’ve been friends forever and you’ve seen each other every day. It’s cool.
Mb: What is songwriting like for you?
Genevieve: I love songwriting. For me, I definitely like to go into my song writing sessions with an idea and a good direction. If not, it can get a little messy, especially if you don’t know where you’re going with the song. I really like to go into my writing with a song title and an idea of where i want the song to go. It gives my co-writer an idea of how I want the song to go, the direction I want to take. I love songwriting. I tells the truth about your life or someone else’s life. I love that about Country music. It’s story telling and I think fans can really connect to that, just because they feel like they’ve just stepped into your life a little bit.
Mb: The Between You and Me video, there’s some acting in it. It’s telling a story… visually as well.
Genevieve: I’m glad you say that, because that was my vision from the beginning when I was working with the director, who’s a friend of mine. His name is Alexander Sworik. I told him I really want this video to tell the story of this couple who feel like they’ve fallen apart. So he really helped bring it to life and I’m really proud of that video and I love that fact I got to have a hand, or eye, in it.
Mb: Is acting in your future too?
Genevieve: It’s definitely something I’ve got more into, in this past year. I can’t say too much about this, but i am being featured in a film this Christmas. I’m really excited about that. It’s a small cameo but it was really fun and it allowed me to try out something new, something different. I’m so used to just singing, or being on stage, or songwriting or being in the studio, so to actually do some acting was fun and I can see myself doing more.
Mb: And you’ll be bringing all your talents to Havelock. First time?
Genevieve: Yes it is and I’m so excited! I’ve heard great things and I can’t wait!

Genevieve Fisher performs at the Havelock jamboree Saturday August 18, 1:20pm
For more information visit Genevieve Fisher online